• When: 12/28 - 12/30/15
  • QIC: Smokey and Depends
  • The PAX: All of F3 Nation

How Do We Continue to Help the Flood Victims (Our Next Step)

On October 4th the world as a lot of people of know it changed drastically as the sky’s opened up and the flood waters rose. What came over the next days and weeks amazed me. The way that neighbors, communities, and strangers all came together to help each other out in a great time of struggle and life repairing. There was a great push and response out of F3 Nation to help these individuals try to salvage their homes and start the rebuilding process. After a couple of weeks of hard work by the pax, most had to go back to the reality of everyday life and the immediate need went away for heavy lifting and gutting of homes. There was lots of praise, media coverage, and recognition by the general public for our efforts in the communities in which we live. Now this is our chance to continue our efforts to help out our fellow citizens in their time of need by joining in with Home Works of America on DECEMBER 28-30, 2015 during their December Flood Response session in the Columbia area.  They are partnering with an increasing number of community organizations (funders, service providers, residential builders, nonprofit organizations, churches) to enable 600 volunteers to assist in the effort to fully rebuild/repair ten or more homes destroyed by flooding. YHC would love to see 100 pax or more to assist with this project!

More than $110,000 has been donated by individuals, corporations, and foundations – which will be used to offset materials/supplies and direct costs for these repairs.

Unique for Home Works, this effort will require critical construction work to be accomplished prior to Dec 28-30 through partnership with St. Bernard Project and professionals from the Building Industry Association of Central SC. This will enable the tasks performed by Home Works of America volunteers to be strategically selected within the repair timeline for each home – ensuring that repairs are accomplished in the most cost-effective and quality way, bringing hope to each homeowner.

There is no place like home.

The Task Force includes the United Way of the Midlands, Mungo Homes, AARP of SC, Habitat for Humanity, the BIA of Central SC, the Electric Cooperatives of SC as well as key donor partners without which none of this would be possible.

Here is the key component to make all of this work. I need a HC (Hard Commit / Head Count) by close of business Monday November 30th. This will give me time to let Home Works know how many volunteers we can bring. Also let YHC know how many days that you can commit to (1, 2, or all 3). HC below or email me at [email protected]

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    1. Aye! The M’s are more than welcome to help out. 2.0’s have to be 14 to help out I think. Will double check on that age requirement.

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