Month: May 2013

Mountain Goat Challenge / Highland Brewery Event Updates

We are only about a week out until the next CSAUP Event on the calendar – the Mountain Goat Challenge. There will not be a better Blue Ridge Relay training opportunity. Whether you are interested for that reason or just because you enjoy running up and over mountains, we are happy to help. Asheville is …

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Mission: Beat Down

29 faithful assembled in the gloom and were treated to a creative Mission-led beat down. Conditions: 65 and clear The Thang: COP SSH x15 Little arm circles x10f x10b High knees x15 Wide Merkins x7 LBC x20 Diamond Merkins x7 Flutter kicks x30 Mountain climbers x15 Imperial Walkers x15 Regular Merkins x10 Field Games Bear …

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Four non-vacationing souls posted at the KBC in the chilly gloom for three miles o’ fun and a little calorie burn around Little Lake Katharine. Conditions: 57 degrees, 89% humidity The Thang: KBC, Forest Ridge, Quail, Portobello, Quail, Shady, Woodlake, Carter Hill, KBC Splinter 23:23 Chaser 23:36 Mission 23:45 Fountain Head 24:19


6 Pax gathered in the gloom this morning at KBC for the second official workout of F3 Columbia #Amble.  The pax were given two choices: 3 miles with Fountain Head or 4 miles with Chaser.  2 went with the 3 mile and 4 with the 4 mile loop. The routes can be viewed here (3 mile: …

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