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#Ambulation Report

7 pax gathered in the cool yet sticky gloom this morning at KBC for a run of unknown length and substance. Soon they were on a nice litte three mile interval run to work on breaking through the mental and physical barriers to running faster. For many this was their first interval training and lessons were learned.

Conditions: 67 degrees and overcast with 89% humidity.

The Thang: “F3 Amble 3 mile” as can be found on MapMyRun.com if one searches that phrase (http://www.mapmyrun.com/site/search/?q=f3+amble+3+mile). Beginning at the turn from Quail to Shady Lane the pax did 5 one minute intervals with a 45 second rest in between. The pax then finished the remaining ~half mile as a cool down from the intervals.


Ball of Man: Sub Prime lead his first BOM prayer.


– The intervals need to be run at 80% max pace with “max pace” being an all out sprint. Many pax now realize that their 80% was really more like their “race pace” and interval pace should be higher than race pace to really benefit from the intervals. The intervals should be run hard enough that the 45 second recovery pace is more of a stagger than their normal traing run pace and the 45 seconds seems to go by WAY too quickly before it’s time to do it again. The purpose of interval training is to train your body to handle lactic acid more efficiently so that during your next race your muscles don’t shut down as easily when pushed. The other benefit is that you break through metal barriers of how fast you think you can run. We get into ruts where we run the same paces run after run after run and our minds believe that’s as fast as we can go. Intervals help convince us that we can go faster.

– I’m told there is still time to sign up for the Mud Run and get on a F3 team. Contact Sway for details ([email protected]).

– Standing F3 lunch today at Lizard’s Thicket on Beltline at noon.


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