South Holly Amble

Conditions-Perfect Running Weather-54, clear skies, pollen not as bad as it could be. 4 Amblers left the Earth Fare down Devine and left onto Holly Street. Holly to the end and around to Bonham then Ott, uphill all the way back and 5 finished up at  Earth Fare. COT and BOM at safe social distance.

DD on our minds!

YHC was excited to have some awesome weather and be surrounded by the regulars at Arena. The Gladiator needed some tune-ups before the Gaunlet and the YHC decided it would be a great morning for a test run. Floppy brought some good music (although Rock Drop would disagree) and the PAX did the hard thing …

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Stride 3/9/20

Hopped on the Q sheet for Stride a while back because what better way to celebrate your birthday than with these dudes! Drew up a really dumb route.  I think it scared some people away but seven brave souls put in some work and got better.  Here’s the route: *Iron Mary Go Round* Head S …

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