Focker’s VQ

Warmup at COT 15 SSH IC15 Merkins IC15 LBC ICMosey to the soccer fields and did Indian run with 2 laps around the fields. Mosey to the tennis courts: Suicides x25 burpees at the beginning and then half way and then at the endMosey to the playground: 30 pullups60 iron crosses60 merkinsmosey to the picknick …

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Manhunt Route

Thankful for the Twitter reminder yesterday that YHC was to be the QIC of Friday’s Stride. Good to be back out there with some of F3LexSC’s finest. All 3 Fs were felt this AM. Also, YHC’s heart rate…this was very much felt on the Pond View and S. Church hills.  Great seeing the men of …

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