Burpees and Blocks

AO: Spur FNGs: None COUNT: 7 WARMUP: Diagonal Mosey 9 BurpeesHorizontal Push 15 SSH Diagonal Mosey 7 Burpees Horizontal Push 15 Imperial Walkers Diagonal Mosey 5 Burpees Horizontal Push 15 Thru the Tunnel Diagonal Mosey 3 Burpees Horizontal Push 15 Shoulder Circle (LBAC); 7 Reps Each Diagonal Mosey 1 Burpee THE THANG: Dora – 50 …

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BunkBed comes for the Double Down

AO: Scorepile FNGs: None COUNT: 9 THE THANG: Dealer’s Choice all and every Saturday Rotation was Nails ->Schweddy->BunkBed->Stent->Ripcord->Trademark->Crawl Space->Ball Boy repeat Nails: SSH, Arm Circles Schweddy: Squats BunkBed: Hip Openers, Ray Charles, Merkins Stent: Abs Ripcord: grab various blocks, curls, overhead press and tricep extension Trademark: Ukrainian Freedom twist Crawl Space: Progression. 4 BBS and …

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