All of Greene, and then some…

AO: Ramble Q: Churchkey PAX: 8 Mile, BabyRuth, Bailiff, Bundy, Cauliflower, Churchkey, Costanza, DriveBy, Easy Street, Friar Tuck, Garnish, Hawg, Huffy, SweetTart, Tube Socks, Turtle, Bootleg FNGs: None COUNT: 17 WARMUP: counting pax THE THANG: www.strava.com/routes/3055570958211023990 MARY: counting pax ANNOUNCEMENTS: I gotta get my kids to school COT: let us take these blessings and use …

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Revolution #32

AO: Ramble Q: Friar Tuck PAX: BabyRuth, Garnish, Bundy, Churchkey, Friar Tuck FNGs: None COUNT: 5 WARMUP: BR and FT check out the route to make sure it’s ok to run THE THANG: everyone runs the route MARY: pray for us ANNOUNCEMENTS: runvergence on Friday at Eggs Up Grill COT: English and Latin coexisting peacefully …

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Watch for Cars

AO: Ramble Q: Huffy PAX: Huffy, Winston, BabyRuth, Costanza, DriveBy, Love Child, Tube Socks, Shocker, 8 Mile, Hawg, Turtle, Bundy, Easy Street, Bailiff, SweetTart, Short Round, Hermey FNGs: 1 Hermey COUNT: 17 www.strava.com/routes/3051281858576421754 Nice downhill start. Short Round busted his hands, knees, and pride. Uphillish finish.

Summer Morning

AO: Ramble Q: Bootleg PAX: 8 Mile, Turtle, SweetTart, Bundy, Friar Tuck, Huffy, Easy Street, Bootleg, Garnish FNGs: None COUNT: 9 www.strava.com/routes/3049806938601505002 Easy route, no one had trouble following, weather was fine. Learned the proper pronunciation of “WOCK-a-MOW” and “san-TEEE”

Hang on lady. We going for a ride.

AO: Ramble Q: Huffy PAX: Bundy, Friar Tuck, QuickBooks, Bailiff, Churchkey, Easy Street, BabyRuth, Winston, Cauliflower, Costanza, Love Child, Mud Dawg ( 2nd F), SweetTart, DriveBy, Huffy, Biggie Smalls, Garnish, Ronda, Short Round FNGs: 1 Short Round COUNT: 19 connect.garmin.com/modern/course/142368624

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