AO: ramble Q: 8 Mile PAX: Costanza, DriveBy, Bootleg, Hawg, Bailiff, Friar Tuck, Love Child, Bundy, Swingline, Cauliflower, BabyRuth, Stache, SweetTart, Garnish FNGs: None COUNT: 16 WARMUP: 10 minutes THE THANG: Fartlek 1,2,4,4,2,1 w/ equal parts rest ANNOUNCEMENTS: COT: don’t drink saltwater

Run & Fun

AO: ramble Q: QuickBooks PAX: 8 Mile, Bundy, Easy Street, Garnish, QuickBooks, SweetTart, Tube Socks, Turtle FNGs: None COUNT: 8 WARMUP: 1.0 jog together THE THANG: work btwn the cones at hand: butt flicks, high knees, backward variations, skip variations, side steps, jumps (high and long, 2 feet and one foot), one leg squats, one …

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Ramble Richland Mall Tour

AO: ramble Q: Swingline PAX: DriveBy, Friar Tuck, Turtle, BabyRuth, Cauliflower, QuickBooks, Bundy, Bunch, 8 Mile, Garnish, SweetTart, Hawg, Tube Socks FNGs: None COUNT: 14 WARMUP: Explained the route, added a Richland Mall parking garage bonus (no one took it). THE THANG: connect.garmin.com/modern/course/205814321 After much negotiation, settled on a solid Fartlek. 10 min WU  1 …

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Tour of USC Campus Village and pedestrian steps it has to offer

AO: ramble Q: Winston PAX: Costanza, SweetTart, Winston, Bundy, DriveBy, QuickBooks, Love Child, 8 Mile, Cauliflower, Friar Tuck, BabyRuth, Huffy, Stache FNGs: None COUNT: 13 WARMUP: Varied by group THE THANG: Depends on which group you ran with. Suggested route: www.strava.com/routes/3141099106169813210 ANNOUNCEMENTS: Sweetart had to poop mid-way through run. Runvergence this Friday at #amble COT:

Keep Your Q-List Full

AO: ramble Q: Fallout (1st F) PAX: BabyRuth, Bundy, CESS, Churchkey, Easy Street, Fallout (1st F), Garnish, Friar Tuck, Hawg, Huffy, Love Child, Mud Dawg ( 2nd F), QuickBooks, SweetTart, Swingline, Paper Boo, 8 Mile, Winston, Costanza FNGs: None COUNT: 19 WARMUP: Complain about the route THE THANG: Run down Rosewood 15 minutes-ish, come back …

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Not a noose

AO: ramble Q: Costanza PAX: QuickBooks, Friar Tuck, Bunch, Turtle, Mud Dawg ( 2nd F), Tube Socks, Paper Boo, DriveBy, Costanza, Bailiff, Swingline, Cauliflower, 8 Mile, BabyRuth, Stache FNGs: None COUNT: 15 WARMUP: THE THANG: Nice little run through streets of Rosewood not often run on with an optional mule adder at the end. connect.garmin.com/modern/course/197208317 …

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Flat as a 🥞 Four

AO: ramble Q: DriveBy PAX: Turtle, 8 Mile, Bailiff, Betamax, Biggie Smalls, Bootleg, Churchkey, Costanza, DriveBy, Easy Street, Friar Tuck, Garnish, Love Child, Mud Dawg ( 2nd F), Stache, SweetTart, Tube Socks, QuickBooks FNGs: None COUNT: 18 WARMUP: Not much THE THANG: 4.1 miles flat as you can get ANNOUNCEMENTS: Swaggle in two weeks. Hero …

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Sleasely wants to Fartlek

AO: ramble Q: SweetTart PAX: Swingline, Tube Socks, Sleasley, Garnish, QuickBooks, Love Child, Winston, Bailiff, Cauliflower, Friar Tuck, Easy Street, Huffy, Costanza, Hawg, Bundy, Turtle FNGs: None COUNT: 17 WARMUP: No lights in parking lot couldn’t warmup. THE THANG: 6 miles around shandon and rosewood with a 1234321 Fartlek www.strava.com/routes/3136972094545573082 — Ramble 9/13 ANNOUNCEMENTS: All …

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Easy’s Easy Day

AO: ramble Q: Easy Street PAX: 8 Mile, Bailiff, Bundy, Friar Tuck, Hawg FNGs: None COUNT: 6 WARMUP: Hobble over and explain route THE THANG: www.strava.com/routes/3136012335440286082 ANNOUNCEMENTS: Check Announcements feed – Bunkbed has all the details; If anyone is interested, Lovechild is partaking in this 5K Friday lightupforleah.itsyourrace.com/event.aspx?id=15243; Continue to donate to Leukemia and Lymphoma …

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downtown out and back

AO: ramble Q: 8 Mile PAX: Bundy, BabyRuth, Love Child, Cauliflower, Winston, Huffy, Swingline, QuickBooks, SweetTart FNGs: None COUNT: 10 WARMUP: lol THE THANG: connect.garmin.com/modern/course/192312516 ANNOUNCEMENTS: ramble is still happening Friday COT: quiet reflection

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