Lots of balls

AO: Battle Q: Spot PAX: Spot, Escrow, Big Worm, Stacatto FNGs: None COUNT: 4 Lots of medicine balls WARMUP: Indian run variance (last man in line has the medicine ball, does one Merlín, runs to catch up and passes the ball to the new last man and then goes to the front of the line …

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Just a few Hills

AO: Battle Q: Hawg PAX: Hawg, Ronda, Adrian, Blind Date, CESS, Big Worm, Spot, McNugget, Ward Bradley FNGs: None COUNT: 9 WARMUP: SSH 25 IC 5 burpees Imperial Walkers 25 IC 5 burpees THE THANG: 1 min. EMOM-FREDDY MERCURYS HEALS TO HEAVEN BUZZ SAW VARIATIONS (crowd pleaser) AMERICAN HAMMERS 10 Burpees Time to climb them …

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AO: Battle Q: Ronda PAX: Ronda, Hawg, Misfire, Ward Bradley FNGs: None COUNT: 4 WARMUP: None THE THANG: DC MARY: ANNOUNCEMENTS: COT:

Ultimate Frisbee

AO: Battle Q: Ronda PAX: Oscar, Pinkman, Wally, Betamax, Love Bug, VHS, Staccato FNGs: None COUNT: 8 WARMUP: Some stretching and other stuff THE THANG: 2.5 miles running while playing Ultimate Frisbee MARY: ANNOUNCEMENTS: No one got hurt COT:

Battle Tested

AO: Battle Q: Bayou, Runt PAX: Ruby, Hawg, Broke Down, Fenway, Runt, Two Gloves, Bayou, Two Doses, Spot FNGs: None COUNT: 9 WARMUP: Mosey to Field – Circle Up 9 Burpees SSH IC x 15 7 Burpees Thru-The-Tunnel IC x 15 5 Burpees Imperial Walkers IC x 15 3 Tombstone Rev Burpees LBAC IC x …

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