Lexington, SC

F3 Lexington Backblasts

Balls and Bananas

18 pax did the more crazy thing and posted with YHC in this cool 30s gloom morning. The Hollow pax do not disappoint in the mumble chatter. YHC always enjoys the visit to this rowdy bunch of misfits. Here is what went down in the gloom. FNGs Disclaimer Prayer The Thang COP Side Straddle Hops …

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Breezeway to Heaven

YHC wanted to try something a little different today so thank you to all the pax of CAT for counting columns with me today in the breezeway. Conditions: 35 degrees and calm The thang: Disclaimer and mosey to the breezeway between the high school and tech center. COP There was none.  We went straight to it. …

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Harmon Hill Hurts

Stride and other running AO’s around the Region are making a concerted effort to develop safer routes that we can become more familiar with.  Familiar routes make safer routes.  The one YHC chose today limited intersection crossings to 4 and stayed away from heavy, fast moving traffic.  The route also incorporated as much sidewalk as …

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1/15/19 Crypt Q

Weather: clear, 45 degrees, moist The Thang: intro, disclaimer, prayer Short loop around the parking lot, then the warm up: SSH x 11 a brutal (but thankfully brief) attempt at Imperial Walkers x 5 due to the Q’s inability to coordinate moving and counting TTT x 10 #niceandslow LBAC x 15 each way OHC x …

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Shawshank Goes to work at the Fields of Dreams!

Conditions:  42 Degrees, but no rain The Thang:  YHC loves to lead the men of Shank.  Very uplifting to see so many Pax helping and encouraging each other… even before the workout.  While YHC was scouting the AO for good pain stations… I could see 4x Pax sitting at The Rock(Accountability group) in great discussion making each other better men.  Then there …

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