Lexington, SC

F3 Lexington Backblasts

So the virus is out there.  Creeping around.  Cannot be seen.  Everyone is playing it safe.  Staying home. Being smart.  We, as F3, want to do the right thing.  Be leaders.  Be examples.  But this whole separation thing is tugging at what F3 loves – to be together, to help each other, to fellowship.  So …

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This morning the men of Turning Point, along with a few visitors from Jumanji and a Blindside, met to exercise and to honor the memory of our brother, Dear Diary.  YHC signed up to Q prior to DD’s passing.  Upon learning of his passing, YHC decided to make the workout a tribute to DD.  Over …

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Shawshank Pax Earn Their Jelly Legs & Rock Hard Abs!

Conditions:  Beautiful 55 Degrees The Thang:  It’s always a challenge to Q Shawshank.  These brothers really bring it and like a few surprises.  YHC decided it was time for Legs + Abs = “LAB” Work.  11 Pax earned their jelly legs.  1 Pax (Cheers) put extra miles during WO training for P200. Disclaimer/Prayer Mosey across …

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