Month: January 2024

Sneaky Snake Stride

AO: stride Q: BunkBed PAX: BunkBed, Pickle, Paper Jam, Eggo, DOT, Cardi B, Po, Pups, Harbaugh, Lumburgh, Brita, Squatter, Kuckoc FNGs: None COUNT: 13 WARMUP: Some intrepid PAX went on a Hump Day Half THE THANG: ANNOUNCEMENTS: Lexington 10 Yr on March 9th at Graveyard! COT: Lots of Prayers for various PAX and their …

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AO: the-bunker Q: Meat Loaf PAX: Jar Jar, Green Pee, Snuggles FNGs: 1 Snuggles COUNT: 4 WARMUP: disclaimer and basic explanation THE THANG: run around, slide and roll tires, pound some pickles and hump some monkeys, chatter a great deal ANNOUNCEMENTS: homeless race COT: 1 year of sobriety tomorrow for meatloaf!!! protect yourself against covetousness

Pea Soup Run

AO: bladerunner Q: Rudder (WeaselShaker) PAX: Gepetto, Snowden (Weasel Supporter), Full Metal Jacket, Goodspeed, Lemmy, The Beast FNGs: None COUNT: 7 WARMUP: Gepetto did some band stuff. Does that count? THE THANG: Various miles. Various routes. FMJ did Merkins (possibly other stuff?). ANNOUNCEMENTS: COT: Prayers for Bob (Flappers Dad). Wisdom for the doctors to come …

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AO: 0500_club Q: Lobstah PAX: Fallout, Lobstah FNGs: None COUNT: 2 WARMUP: Complaining about hips not lying and bones and thugs not being in harmony THE THANG: ATIC ANNOUNCEMENTS: Slack COT: prayers for sickness, coworkers and comfort for Rachel at her grandfather’s passing and healing of her relationship with her sister

3 Starbucks and No Coffee

AO: stumble Q: Pipeline PAX: Corndog, HolyPoker, Co-Pay, Chewy, BabyRuth(AOQ TheWall), Ziffel, TapeWorm, Prodigal, TomTom (3rd F), Serena, Pipeline FNGs: None COUNT: 11 CONDITIONS: Low 40s and clammy WARMUP: too warm, take gloves off, too cold, put gloves back on THE THANG: Some pax (@BabyRuth(AOQ_TheWall), @Ziffel) went long. Some pax (@Chewy, @Corndog) went short. …

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Boot camp Wednesday

AO: valhalla Q: Backstop PAX: SweetTart, Fenway, Baconator, Flo FNGs: None COUNT: 5 WARMUP: church, clap dance off THE THANG: Boot Camp, Wednesday burpee, Merkins, squats, mountain, climber, jumping jacks ANNOUNCEMENTS: check Slack COT: F3 family community our economy

Ramblin’ to the Track

AO: ramble Q: Swingline PAX: Turtle, Preppy, Bundy, Bunch, Garnish, 8 Mile, Easy Street, Stache, Love Child, Hasselhoff FNGs: None COUNT: 11 WARMUP: Stache warm up special. Easy Street was able to explain the Fartlek better than Swingline. Garnish scratching his head. Bundy coming in on two wheels. THE THANG: Head down to the Owen’s …

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AO: amble Q: Huffy (CBHM Masters Champ) PAX: Nails, Trademark, Bucket Truck, Oscar, Paper Boo FNGs: None COUNT: 6 THE THANG: discuss gamecock basketball, and Columbia restaurant closures and openings

Ruby Q

AO: sandlot Q: Ruby PAX: Baby Seal, Fenway, Honey Do, Ruby, Hatter FNGs: None COUNT: 5 WARMUP: The usual – SSHs, TTTs, HBs, Squats, IWs x 15 each LBACs – forward and backwards x 10 each OHPs and Seal Claps x 10 each THE THANG: Circuit- 3 Rounds 1) 10 pull ups 20 big boys …

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