Month: January 2021


YHC was #honored to be the #warbaby this AM. Good fellowship with #Respect pax, Iron Mary and Knozit. First F was pretty good, too. Fartleks are always a good way to get a little bit better. 4.5 miles during speedwork is #realnice.  Conditions: 36 degrees and breezy The Thang: Disclaimer, BOM Warm-up Mile Stretch OYO …

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Westside Story

Day got away from me so short back blast tonight.  11 for Hammer.  Pretty simple workout.  Warmup at COT.  1 mi run to Citadel Park with stops along the way.  Brief standoff with Swampfox.  No blood drawn.  Team building pull-up exercise.  1 mi run back to COT. Conditions – 35 and almost dry, fairly pleasant …

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