Hammer Dealing

5 pax assembled at Lowe’s Foods for the return of the traditional end-of-the-month Hammer Dealer’s Choice. BooBoo: Mosey lap around lot, 20 Burpees OYO Detour: 30 flutterkicks IC, 20 Russian Twists OYO, 25 broad jump Merkins OYO, 3 min various planks BillyBob: Bear crawl 60 yards, Hustler Merkins 10 to 1 (x5 Raise the roof), …

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Deal ’em up!

Six men showed up willing to play the hands they were dealt for Hammer’s traditional monthly game of Dealer’s Choice. BooBoo: Fetch blocks and perform 25 Blockees OYO, 20 BBSU OYO Bindi: Leave blocks behind for a lap around Ila loop, return to blocks for 25 Curls OYO, 20 Overhead Press OYO, 15 Iron Cross …

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Mayo and tomato

YHC plagiarized some professionals from the Mayo Clinic and slightly modified for the Hammer Pax. Source: Disclaimer Warmup: 20 Burpees OYO Retrieve one block each and mosey to outfield. Each exercise performed for 30 seconds AMRAP. 5 cycles per pairing. Jump squat and Air Chair Low Plank and American Hammer SSH and merkins. Lunge and …

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A date which will live in infamy

8 men de-fartsacked and entered the gloom. warm-up mosey around the block 12-7-41 In remembrance of those killed and injured in the attack on Pearl Harbor, exercises were called in variations of 12, 7, or 41 reps. Some with blocks, some without.

Ground and Pound

On a beautiful morning after the rain, YHC tried to avoid the legs on behalf of our P200 runner while mixing in some new stuff. Slaughter Starter some more warm up stuff Mosey to blocks, fetch 2 PCMB Block-o-rama in outfield including: Curls Overhead Press Front Raise Captain Thor Catcher Squats Lunges Blocks and Bears …

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