• When: 2021-03-04
  • QIC: BooBoo
  • The PAX: Focker, Leon, Wally, Duckie, Collar, Misfire, McNugget, Dos Equis, Stretch

Stream of Consciousness

YHC’s plan got scrapped quickly as YHC forgot to load the blocks in YHC’s truck the night before… random exercises ensued.

Hold low plank to await late arrival and introduce the day’s waiting position.

Warm up with 15 SSH IC, 10 Merkins OYO, 20 BBSU OYO.

Mosey to Bethel Church Road toward Ivy Hall. 

3 pain stations on Ivy Hall. Cut through past tennis courts to playground. 20 pull-ups, 80 Merkins, 80 BBSU OYO, break them up at your own pace.

Mosey to tennis courts, Suicide then hold air chair. 

Ring of fire: each pax in turn bear crawls around the outside of the ring while the others perform assorted ab exercises. 

Mosey to front of building, line up on speed bump, sprint to next speed bump and back, air chair, sprint to next speed bump and backpedal back. Air chair, sprint to flag. People’s chair, balls to the wall, assorted ab exercises until time. 

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