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WHERE WAS THE RAIN? 4 Pax came to the Shed to escape the fartsack.  It was a little damp, but not bad. Following a thorough disclaimer, we moseyed from the AO parking lot to the front of the school, where we commenced with COP: SSH x 20 IC, IW x 20 IC, Alt. Lunges 20 …

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Silent Bob Speaks

Silent Bob’s long-delayed solo VQ finally came to pass despite the AOQ’s best efforts to avoid the inevitable, previously choosing to EH routine fartsackers to Q instead of the War Baby with nearly perfect attendance. Fortune smiled upon the Quiet One after Pipeline tweaked his neck playing tennis on vacation (prayers up) and called for a late substitute, circumventing the normal selection process.


4 faithful showed up to conquer the concrete beast. However, only YHC actually touched the beast, with the rest choosing the Bullseye, 2/3 weighted. No complaints here, as YHC joined them for a couple laps too with weight. Sure makes a difference. Disclaimer Tha Thang Announcements: Gump runvergence August 27th at Stumble Prayer requests: None …

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5th Annual Never Forget Challenge

 9.11.2001 Those numbers stand alone in American history and will always be remembered for what happened in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania on that memorable day. Never (ever) forget! Who:  F3 Smokehouse of F3 Lexington region hosts the 5th Annual 9.11 Never Forget Challenge to ensure that forgetting the events of that day is …

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Judge Judy VQ

Judge Judy’s First Q at Spur! Twas a good one Disclaimer and opening talk THE THANG Mosey to side of field with the pull up bars High Knees Butt Kickers Karaoke both ways Walking Quads Walking Caves Sumo Lunges Chainbreakers Exercise #1: Buddy Up Fun Crawls P1 does Flutter Kicks while P2 ran to the …

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Coupon Carry

Conditions: Weather was a reasonable mid 70’s The Thang: 7 PAX showed up (unlike some certain HC’s) for another Hammer. This one had a little of everything to work the whole body. One thing is certain, carrying blocks is no fun. All in all we carried the blocks about 2 miles. Warmup – Through the …

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Four Corners

Conditions: 71 and humid but no rain One minute warning and disclaimer supplied Waiting position introduced: low plank fetch a coupon and mosey to middle of field, marked with shovel flag 10 SSH IC, 10 Merkins OYO First Round completed as a group: (modeled after Southern Belle’s 4 Corners from Greenwood: https://f3greenwood.com/2021/05/21/somewhere-between-moist-and-succulent/ ) 5 Turkish …

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Conditions: 72 degrees with 93% humidity The Thang: Warmup – SSH x25 IC Imperial Walker x25 IC Squat x25 IC Mountain Climbers x20 IC Plank Jacks x20 IC Burpees x10 OYO Mosey to the Meadowfield Loop Lap 1: Burpee Broad Jump ¼ of loop (75 yards) Lunge Walk ¼ of loop (75 yards) Run ½ of loop Lap 2: Bear Crawl ¼ of loop (75 yards) Crab Walk ¼ of loop (75 yards) Run ½ of loop Lap 3: Burpees x10 Run loop Lap 4: Burpees x10 Merkins x25 Run loop Lap 5: Burpees x10 Merkins x25 BBSU x50 Run loop Lap 6: Burpees x10 Merkins x25 BBSU x50 Dips x75 Run loop LBCs x50 IC

Misfire Returns!

The Thang 11 at Hammer for YHC’s glorious return after a short hiatus from Tues/Thurs boot camps caused by laziness, business, and other miscellaneous reasons.  Q was awesome today.  PAX were average.  New AOQ is still a work in progress.  But hey, not everyone can be flawless! And I would be remiss to not include …

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Dealers Choice (AKA Nobody signed up to Q)

YHC stepped up and led Warm-arama. Easiest part. Warm-arama: 12 ea. in Cadence- SSH, IW’s, Little Baby Arm Circles, Squats, Merkins (Copperhead Style), LBC’s, Flutters, HillBilly’s, Finkle Swings. The Thang: TB stepped up to lead first 10min beatdown. Moseyed to school car-rider pickup loop. A given Exercise to street sign (100 feet) then finish loop …

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Hammer Mental Battle

Conditions: Weather was a perfect 58ish but moist. The Thang: TClaps to McNugget for the idea to bring the F3 Mental Battle workout to Hammer. Today’s workout was a slightly modified version of the F3 – The Fort Pre-blast here https://f3thefort.com/category/pre-blast/ (on twitter https://twitter.com/F3Battle) It was an honor to lead the PAX this morning. A few minor …

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I Feel Your Pain

The Thang After Disclaimer, circled-up under the streetlight for Windmills, Squats, Merkins, and LBCs (all 12 4ct IC). Challenged PAX w/ 21 single SSH, Q stopped counting after 10 (risk of 10 burpee penalty if we didn’t finish together); PAX passed with flying colors-way to pay attention! Mosey to BB Court and line-up on end …

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Score Climbs The Mountains and Sings The Songs They Like to Sing

7 Scorians came out to climb the mountains & sing the songs they like to sing. Conditions: 40 degrees The Thang: Warmup at Dreher Parking lot20 SSH in cadence20 Thru the Tunnel in cadence20 Lil Baby Arm Circles (10 forward, 10 reverse) in cadenceBend over toe touch stretchSeated toe touch stretch20 Overhead claps in cadence …

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