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Happy Birthday to Q

4 pax ventured into the hot, muggy morning at Crayton Middle School, weekday home of Swamp Fox for a YHC Birthday party and YHC brought presents for everybody.  Based on the mumblechatter, the pax really enjoyed their presents Conditions: a cool 75 degrees with max humidity. The Thang: 3 sets, each set was 15 reps …

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The Hand Mile(ish)

Today’s workout was inspired by a workout that Splinter did during Reynolds Week in 2017. We were fortunate enough to have ten pax show up for a ridiculously humid morning, starting out at 78 degrees at 5:30 AM. The Thang Warmup: Arm circles Squats Air Press Squats (while waiting on Beta to pull up) Warmup mosey …

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So Much Not Fun

Conditions: Soupy Tha Thang: 8 pax descended upon Starbucks to embark upon a promised exciting and wonderful and fun journey………… …I lied. ….It wasn’t fun. Nor exciting. Nor wonderful at all. But we got better anyway. GF – Hampton Hill- Kilbourne – Shady Lane – Quail Lane – Trenholm – Beltline – Devine – Endex …

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All you got.

Hammer and Thunder have been going at it this year with the #GreatestRivalryInSports. The challenge was laid down to see which AO has the most dedicated PAX. So far Thunder has been dominating to date so YHC decided it was time to throw out a challenge. Conveniently, former F3 Columbia Nant’an, McLovin was on the …

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Tennis with Turncoat

18 PAX arrived at The Castle at 5:30 a.m. on a sticky 75 degree a.m. It was the day after Wimbledon wrapped up and everyone wanted to talk tennis. The following tennis facts were revealed throughout the workout: Most Wimbledon Championships (Federer, Navratilova), Youngest Wimbledon Champions (Becker, Hingis), Most Grand Slam Tourney Wins (Federer, Court), …

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Spur World Cup

Disclaimer THE THANG: Started with some good ol’ fashioned dealer’s choice. Shifted into playing 3v4 soccer with small 6ft wide goals Played the goalie game for a bit. One person distributes balls to the players so they can shoot while someone is in goal trying to stop the person who shoots after them. It’s a …

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Double Dora

Warmup: 20 SSH 15 TTT 15 LBARF 15 LBARB 15 IW 15 MERKINS 15 BBSU The Thang: Dora: 100 Merkins, 200 LBC’s, 300 Squats…..Partner runs around Whoville Mosey to the bottom of Liberal Hill Bernie Sanders halfway up and the sprint to the top 15 BBSU at the top Run down to the bottom of …

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    The Warm Up 15 each LBA forward LBA backyard Overhead clap SSH TTT Plank jacks Imperial walker   The Thang: Grab a block and two bricks and mosey to Tombee 15 each Curls for the girls Overhead presses Tricep dips Merkins   Stroll down Tombee with bricks and complete 5 burpees at the …

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Organized Chaos

6 PAX, including 1 2.0, emerged from the Fartsack this morning, looking for a way to #GetBetter, the Battle Way. The Battle Way is not for every man, but only for the man willing to push himself from comfort to discomfort.  Waiting in the parking lot this morning was Fountainhead and YHC; two retired Nantans …

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Ta, Ta, Ta, Tunnel!

Conditions: Damp but nice Tha Thang: 20 of Columbia’s finest dads and 2.0s showed up for the 2nd edition of this summers F3 Dads workout. Fun was had by all, and some lawn clippings. Disclaimer Mosey to COP. SSH, Merkins, Squats. Split into teams. Remember, winning has its privileges! Winners of each competition did 3 …

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High Stick Humpday

Warm Up   Hill Run + 10 Burpees   Dora–100(each arm) Lawnmowers, 150 Goblet Squats, 200 BB situps Shuttle Run in between   Hill–half Bernie Sanders, half walking lunges   Back to Circle–Abs  LBC’s, Hello Dollys, Iron Cross, Superman, Box Cutter, Low Plank Finished with SSHs          

No letting up!

This is F3 Columbia #BATTLE.  There are no easy workouts.  There isn’t a Q that will let off the gas.  This is here to push you and your brother.  Huster and YHC posted ready to deliver!  Here’s the THANG! Conditions:  Perfect as always YHC lead off by departing out of the the parting lot and …

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Pipes and Bells

YHC was somewhat surprised to find himself scheduled as QIC of #IronYard this week after only a single post. Must have made a good impression the first time. Luckily, YHC got a nice shiny new kettlebell for Father’s Day so it was time to rise to the challenge. The Thang: COP Little arm circles x10 …

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Hammer Turns 5

13 PAX gathered to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of Hammer. YHC hoped to give the AO a fitting birthday celebration in the form of a true beatdown. Conditions: 70 and breezy. Not bad The Thang: 20 SSH IC for a warm up, then mosey to the playground. One of the true signs of a major …

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Trojan Bull

The Bull was packed with ready-for-battle PAX this AM. 24 men (one of them particularly young…and energetic) showed up and had every stairwell filled for 45 minutes. It was the first time for some including 14-year-old Beast Boy who led the pack (by a lot) the entire time. It was said he might have spilled …

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Thunder 4×4

10 Men gathered this morning for a soggy workout.  Temp wasn’t bad  but humidity was near 100%.  Promo’s mumble chatter was in full effect. The Thang COP SSH x 20 IC IW x 20 IC LBCs x 20 IC Monkey Humpers x 20 IC Russian Twists x 20 IC Ladder Work (all 1-ct) Merkins x …

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Death By … Mud Dawg

5 PAX met YHC in the surprisingly pleasant morning weather Conditions: 72 ish and alright, alright, alright The Thang: A mosey to warm up with a dealers choice when Q paused Death By…. In the first minute 1 burpee, in the second minute 2 burpees and the pattern continues until you cannot complete the burpees inside …

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D Day At Sawmill

Welcome, Strong disclaimer! Mosey, warm-up (75 reps-ish) start in on some mostly accurate D-day facts (5 divisions, 5 beaches, 5 allies), mosey to football “field.” Some old skool calisthenics and F3 exicon with military lineage: O-overhead clap, V-v-ups, E-elf on the shelf, R-reverse crunch, L-leg wreckers, O-one legged burpees (challenged the sharpest minds with coordination, …

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Running with Stumble at Martha

Disclaimer.  Started at 5:15.  Mosey over to Martha for some spill work.  Did 10 Hill sprints with 25 LBC’s at the bottom of the hill on each trip to the bottom.  Mosey back to AO for COT and BOM.

Wet Wood at the Shed

It was wet.  Only Teddy showed up.  We did disclaimer and got to work. Warm Up: Lap around circus, SSH, IW, Butt Kicks, High Knees, Squats, Merks, Calf Raises, LBC’s, all x 20 OYO. Mosey to brick cage, get 1 block and 2 bricks per pax.  Mosey to overhang. Raise the Roof w/ bricks, overhead …

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