Monday Madness

AO: Stumble Q: Recount PAX: Recount, Ash, BabyRuth, capgun, Serena FNGs: None COUNT: 5 THE THANG: ANNOUNCEMENTS: Cola 10 year Bull Half HomeWorks Volunteer Opp COT: Prayers for: The Mission/Oliver Gospel Pelle’s recovery

The hunt for a stop sign that doesn’t exist

AO: Stumble Q: Odyssey PAX: Odyssey, Prodigal, Chewy, Silver Bullet, Ash, BabyRuth, Quartermaster, Silent Bob, LA Gear, TapeWorm, Pondo, TomTom FNGs: None COUNT: 12 THE THANG: by fellowship over coffee with 11 pax ANNOUNCEMENTS: F3 Cola 10 Year shirt order! TTF 3.0 registration and various other upcoming Cola events COT: prayers and merkins for …

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The Wandering Pax

AO: Stumble Q: Biggie Smalls PAX: Betamax, Biggie Smalls, LA Gear, Prodigal, Recount, TapeWorm, Jar Jar, Ash, Snowflake FNGs: None COUNT: 9THE THANG: soooooo…. There was a route. Only problem is the Q didn’t have his shiz together. Thus, the wandering pax. These brave men dove into the unknown for 5.5-6miles of hilly glory. Work …

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To the fountain we go!

AO: Stumble Q: Ziffel PAX: Ziffel, TapeWorm, Ash, Jar Jar, Silent Bob, Prodigal, BabyRuth, Chewy, Snowflake, HolyPoker FNGs: None COUNT: 10 THE THANG: ANNOUNCEMENTS: A lot of great events in the area coming up … -F3 Cola 10 Year (10/8) -Stumble 8 Year (10/14) -Bullseye Half (10/15) -Cold Brew Half … TTF 3.0 … …

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Saye Cut loop

AO: Stumble Q: LA Gear PAX: Silent Bob, Pipeline, Ash, BabyRuth, HolyPoker, TomTom, Chewy, Prodigal, Silver Bullet, TapeWorm, LA Gear FNGs: None COUNT: 11 WARMUP: chatter about USC-Clemson soccer game from night before THE THANG: run from AO to OW via troll bridge, to Saye Cut. to Galway, to Olde Knight, to Chambly, to Queens …

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Speedy Wednesday

AO: Stumble Q: Recount PAX: HolyPoker, Recount, Bemis, Ash, Prodigal, BabyRuth FNGs: None COUNT: 6 THE THANG: ANNOUNCEMENTS: Bullseye Half, F3 Cola 10yr, Stumble 8yr, D2D signup

Out and back to Casey’s

AO: Stumble Q: Chewy PAX: Chewy, HolyPoker, capgun, Ash FNGs: None COUNT: 4 THE THANG: 8/30 – Woodshed Anniversary 9/5 – Bull AOQ handoff 10/8 – F3 Cola 10 Year 10/14 – Stumble Anniversary (10/13) 10/15 – Bullseye Half

Silent Bob Friday 5K

AO: Stumble FNGs: None COUNT: 12 THE THANG: 8/30 – Woodshed 8th Anniversary 10/8 – F3 Columbia 10th Anniversary 10/15 – Bullseye Half Marathon 2023 Dam 2 Dam registration opens Monday at 7 AM COT: Prayers for No Show and family (F3 Lexington), Nadine, and praise/prayers for healing of TomTom’s Father-in-Law