Monday 2/6

AO: Stumble Q: capgun PAX: capgun, Snowflake FNGs: None COUNT: 2 WARMUP: stand in parking lot THE THANG: start running, down OW MARY: I’m not sure what this is ANNOUNCEMENTS: none COT: yes

The Return of Heist

AO: Stumble Q: Recount PAX: Ash, heist, Corndog, Prodigal, HolyPoker, Chewy, LA Gear, TapeWorm FNGs: None COUNT: 8 WARMUP: Heist arrived. THE THANG: Recount got sidelined with a stomach bug so wasn’t able to post. The 8 pax made him proud by doing most of his route, but didn’t do the full route because we …

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Holy Intervals

AO: Stumble Q: HolyPoker PAX: Ash, HolyPoker FNGs: None COUNT: 2 THE THANG: Flat four mile route. Interval work. (30 on, 50 off) ANNOUNCEMENTS: Recount and Odyssey this week at Stumble COT: Prayers for the end of all war & conflict. Prayers for those without a consistent roof over their head.

Run for Bottles & Caps

AO: Stumble Q: TapeWorm PAX: TapeWorm, Ash, LA Gear, Corndog, Pondo FNGs: None COUNT: 5 WARMUP: OYO THE THANG: 2-did not follow directions; GATORADE bottles with CAPS exchanged for SBks & CFA gift cards at closing ANNOUNCEMENTS: Woodshed AOQ handoff 1/19/23 COT: Prayers : Corndog’s sister Sarah expecting in May; Pondo’s partner has finished …

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Hills for hump day

AO: Stumble Q: Quartermaster PAX: Quartermaster, Ash, BabyRuth, crabdaddy, Corndog, Prodigal, TapeWorm, Pondo, Minion FNGs: None COUNT: 9 WARMUP: A mix of pax stretching, starting early, getting in extra miles … and also arriving at 5:29. THE THANG: ANNOUNCEMENTS: Woodshed AOQ handoff next week! COT: Prayers for new pastor at TWs church

Monday Loops

AO: Stumble Q: Shocker PAX: Shocker, noonan, Pipeline, capgun, Bemis FNGs: None COUNT: 5 We all ran from different starting and finishing locations. Miles ranged from 4-5.5. Talked about dogs, clouds, weather, hotels, heart rate, restaurants, traffic, and several other things. Did I miss anything?

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