Columbia, SC

F3 Columbia Backblasts

Lone Man Workout

AO: Down_Range Q: Full Metal Jacket PAX: Full Metal Jacket FNGs: None COUNT: 1 WARMUP: Stretches THE THANG: 1 mile run – 250 Merks – 1 mile run MARY: Nope ANNOUNCEMENTS: Kiawah Marathon 10 Dec! COT: James 1:12

Olde Dev

AO: Amble Q: Snowflake PAX: BigTime, boris, Nails, Oscar, Snowflake, Fallout (1st F), BunkBed, Betamax, Mud Dawg ( 2nd F) FNGs: None COUNT: 9 WARMUP: Taking forever to cross the street and get started because Betamax arrived late. THE THANG: MARY: ANNOUNCEMENTS: Bootcamp in memory of Pearl Harbor this Wed, 5:15, at Dreher led …

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hills 4 huffy… sans huffy

AO: Ramble Q: Huffy PAX: Love Child, SweetTart, QuickBooks, Tube Socks, Friar Tuck, BabyRuth, Bailiff, Costanza, 8 Mile FNGs: None COUNT: 9 WARMUP: complaining about Huffy’s route THE THANG: ANNOUNCEMENTS: cold brew half, March Charleston 10 year, cottonmouth beerlay June 2023, good luck to the marathoners at Kiawah!!! COT: Latin sexy time

time to see a doctor

AO: Raw Q: Gepetto PAX: Gepetto, Valdez, Betty Crocker, Lemmy, Snowden FNGs: None COUNT: 5 4 mile Oveook loop. good news is we figured out how the new house on the peninsula will access their garage. also heart rates are over rated

No Hope Hill

AO: Valhalla Q: The Beast PAX: Two Gloves, Bayou, The Beast, Swingline, Fenway FNGs: None COUNT: 5 WARMUP: SSH, Little baby arm circles, TTT THE THANG: Up and down No Hope Hill. 10 Burpees at the top of one side, 50 flutters in the middle, and 10 squats at the top of the other. Rinse …

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He made me do it

AO: Sawmill Q: Cottontail PAX: Gepetto, Full Metal Jacket, Goodspeed, Cottontail, Valdez, Flapper, Lemmy, Cheesesteak FNGs: None COUNT: 8 WARMUP: vigorously and thoroughly. THE THANG: part 1 at ball field playground. 4 rounds of: pull-ups, then mosey around track for stops of merkins, abs, legs. Close out with box jumps, dips, leg curls. Part 2 …

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