Month: August 2022

From there we’ll irritate the Pelvic Splancnic Ganglion

AO: Bladerunner Q: Snowden PAX: Full Metal Jacket, goodspeed, Gepetto, Snowden, Cottontail, Lemmy, valdez, The Beast FNGs: None COUNT: 8 WARMUP:. arrive with 9 seconds to spare, see the pax, confuse the pax, start running. THE THANG: 8 pax completed various distances. FMJ took off and finished early as he is apt to do. Goodspeed …

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Speedy Wednesday

AO: Stumble Q: Recount PAX: HolyPoker, Recount, Bemis, Ash, Prodigal, BabyRuth FNGs: None COUNT: 6 THE THANG: ANNOUNCEMENTS: Bullseye Half, F3 Cola 10yr, Stumble 8yr, D2D signup

Woodshed 8th Anniversary

AO: Woodshed Q: heehaw, Silver Bullet, Odyssey, Chewy, Ash, Bloodwork (Woodshed), Pondo, Silent Bob PAX: Odyssey, Ash, Bloodwork (Woodshed), heehaw, Pondo, Jar Jar, Insanity, Biggie Smalls, Ronda, Pipeline, HolyPoker, Prodigal, SweetTart, Teddy, Chewy, Billy Bob, Mud Dawg ( 2nd F), Side Salad, Bucket Truck, Spot, Fallout (1st F), Silver Bullet, Silent Bob, Bonesaw FNGs: None …

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Out and back to Casey’s

AO: Stumble Q: Chewy PAX: Chewy, HolyPoker, capgun, Ash FNGs: None COUNT: 4 THE THANG: 8/30 – Woodshed Anniversary 9/5 – Bull AOQ handoff 10/8 – F3 Cola 10 Year 10/14 – Stumble Anniversary (10/13) 10/15 – Bullseye Half

Lone Post

AO: Sawmill Q: Full Metal Jacket PAX: Full Metal Jacket FNGs: None COUNT: 1 (posted at Sawmill due to error on my part!🤔) WARMUP: Basic stretches THE THANG: Ten (run/walk) laps around soccer fields + 1025 Merkins MARY: Nope ANNOUNCEMENTS: Consecutive Post Streak (since 9 Oct 21): 266 COT:Philippians 4:13! Blessings!


It’s been a couple of months since YHC has stepped foot onto the hallowed grounds of Shawshank. F3 Midlands Tour, Summer baseball, and work travel have gotten in the way. Good to see some familiar faces this AM and hear the familiar complaining from Passion Fruit.  After reading some recent backblasts (especially the latest from …

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