Month: August 2022

From there we’ll irritate the Pelvic Splancnic Ganglion

AO: Bladerunner Q: Snowden PAX: Full Metal Jacket, goodspeed, Gepetto, Snowden, Cottontail, Lemmy, valdez, The Beast FNGs: None COUNT: 8 WARMUP:. arrive with 9 seconds to spare, see the pax, confuse the pax, start running. THE THANG: 8 pax completed various distances. FMJ took off and finished early as he is apt to do. Goodspeed …

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Speedy Wednesday

AO: Stumble Q: Recount PAX: HolyPoker, Recount, Bemis, Ash, Prodigal, BabyRuth FNGs: None COUNT: 6 THE THANG: ANNOUNCEMENTS: Bullseye Half, F3 Cola 10yr, Stumble 8yr, D2D signup

[hammer] IPC week 0

AO: Hammer Q: Bindi PAX: BooBoo, Delete_Darlene, LIV, Ratatouille, Zuba, Wally, Bindi, Quicken, Stretch FNGs: None COUNT: 9 WARMUP: stretch led little baby arm circles THE THANG: COE 5 rounds 20 thrusters 20 merkins Brenton 3rounds 100 ft bear crawl 100 ft burpee broad jump back COE 5 rounds 20 thrusters 20 merkins MARY: ANNOUNCEMENTS: …

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Woodshed 8th Anniversary

AO: Woodshed Q: heehaw, Silver Bullet, Odyssey, Chewy, Ash, Bloodwork (Woodshed), Pondo, Silent Bob PAX: Odyssey, Ash, Bloodwork (Woodshed), heehaw, Pondo, Jar Jar, Insanity, Biggie Smalls, Ronda, Pipeline, HolyPoker, Prodigal, SweetTart, Teddy, Chewy, Billy Bob, Mud Dawg ( 2nd F), Side Salad, Bucket Truck, Spot, Fallout (1st F), Silver Bullet, Silent Bob, Bonesaw FNGs: None …

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Out and back to Casey’s

AO: Stumble Q: Chewy PAX: Chewy, HolyPoker, capgun, Ash FNGs: None COUNT: 4 THE THANG: 8/30 – Woodshed Anniversary 9/5 – Bull AOQ handoff 10/8 – F3 Cola 10 Year 10/14 – Stumble Anniversary (10/13) 10/15 – Bullseye Half

Lone Post

AO: Sawmill Q: Full Metal Jacket PAX: Full Metal Jacket FNGs: None COUNT: 1 (posted at Sawmill due to error on my part!🤔) WARMUP: Basic stretches THE THANG: Ten (run/walk) laps around soccer fields + 1025 Merkins MARY: Nope ANNOUNCEMENTS: Consecutive Post Streak (since 9 Oct 21): 266 COT:Philippians 4:13! Blessings!

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