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4:20 Burnouts

It was 54 degrees and 120,000% humidity.  That’s called supersaturated. YHC was looking around at the other pax checking their watches.  Mine said we had 5 minutes to go.  Apparently my watch lives in the past and we started 1 minute late. The Thang: Warmup: Some combination of side straddle hops, windmills, hillbillys, merkins, mountain …

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A Sombre Friday

With the events of this past week, YHC took the opportunity to lead while some pax maybe grieving or looking for a chance to clear the head and come to grips with it all.  I personally did not know Digits or her family, I have only run a few times in the area around LHS …

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Kukoc’s Closer

Disclaimer Prayer Weather: Above freezing but not by much. YHC continued holding out hope to see the PAX come rolling in and they did not disappoint.  Harp came rolling in, apparently right on time – at the 1-minute warning and Steamer joined us just in time to begin the workout.  It may have been planned …

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