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Great to be back at Urban Legend. So many useful pain stations to please the crowd. Butler is YHC #1 choice so that’s where we went.  The quest for the perfect Q continues as YHC performed the wrong exercise at one point. Appreciate the accountability, fellas.  Glad to see some old friends like Pick Axe, …

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Fly Like An Eagle

AO: rumbleotb Q: Lobstah PAX: Fallout (1st F), Boomhauer, Lobstah FNGs: None COUNT: 3 WARMUP: Throne room THE THANG: L on Adger L on Murray R on Daly L on Bratton R on Gladen L on Bratton L on House St L on Millwood Ave REPEAT (5.4 miles) ANNOUNCEMENTS: see slack COT: Lobstah bailed

Drunken Sailor

AO: rumbleotb Q: Fallout (1st F) PAX: Lobstah, Boomhauer, Fallout (1st F) FNGs: None COUNT: 3 WARMUP: Wait on Lobstah, who explains the “double deuce” arrival delay THE THANG: Run to Statehouse, up the steps, and back. Lobstah plays random music for YHC to complain about. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Runvergence at Amble this Friday Columbia 11-yr Anniversary …

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Friday 5’er

AO: rumbleotb Q: Nic Crawford (boomhauer) PAX: Quaker, Nic Crawford (boomhauer), Lobstah FNGs: None COUNT: 3 WARMUP: THE THANG: footpathapp.com/routes/D0B1DC35-1460-4D83-A429-93E33DF6E3F9 ANNOUNCEMENTS: Slack COT:


  The goal today was to keep the pax moving, limit the standing around, and focus on form through low rep counts. Monica is the perfect workout to accomplish these goals.  Soundtrack this AM was Classic Rock. Garth approved.  Tclaps to Lego for showing up with a bum knee and modifying. Just do something! Well …

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