Lake Murray Workouts

LocationWorkout TitleDay of WeekStart TimeEnd TimeWorkout StyleAO Q (Link to Twitter)
Cate CenterStagger1 Sunday06300730Group RunSlate
Cate CenterStagger2 Monday05150600Group RunMagoo
Trevett'sStruggle2 Monday05150600Group Run, Ruck, WalkSocrates
Ballentine Park (Ballentine SC)Depot3 Tuesday05300615Boot CampMoose
Seven Oaks Park (Irmo SC)Strut3 Tuesday05300615Boot CampHall Pass
Chapin High SchoolRoost3 Tuesday05150600Boot CampThe Dom
Dutch Fork High SchoolFoxhole3 Tuesday05000545Boot CampShakespeare
Crooked Creek ParkSpeedtrap3 Tuesday05150600Boot CampHallmark
Springhill High SchoolGOAT3 Tuesday05150600Boot CampHokie Pokie
Springhill High SchoolTardy3 Tuesday06000645Boot CampSlate
Springhill High SchoolTwilight3 Tuesday04300515Group RunR2D2
Starbucks on HarbisonSwagger4 Wednesday05300615Group RunDufresne
CATE CenterStagger4 Wednesday05150600Group RunMagoo
CATE CenterStagger4 Wednesday06000645Group RunSlate
Trevett'sStruggle4 Wednesday05150600Group Run, Ruck, WalkSocrates
Ballentine Park (Ballentine SC)Depot5 Thursday05300615Boot CampMoose
Seven Oaks Park (Irmo SC)Strut5 Thursday05300615Boot CampHall Pass
Chapin High SchoolRoost5 Thursday05150600Boot CampThe Dom
Dutch Fork High SchoolFoxhole5 Thursday05000545Boot CampShakespeare
Crooked Creek ParkSpeedtrap5 Thursday05150600Boot CampHallmark
Springhill High SchoolGOAT5 Thursday05150600Boot CampHokie Pokie
Springhill High SchoolTardy5 Thursday06000645Boot CampSlate
Dunkin Donuts (Irmo SC)Stagger6 Friday05300615Group RunDufresne
CATE CenterTop Gun / Stagger6 Friday05150600Group RunMagoo
CATE CenterTop Gun / Stagger6 Friday06000645Group RunSlate
Trevett'sStruggle6 Friday05150600Group Run, Ruck, WalkSocrates
Crooked Creek ParkThe Gun Show6 Friday05150600KettlebellLightBill
Ballentine Park (Ballentine SC)Depot7 Saturday06300730Boot CampMoose
Crooked Creek ParkSpeedtrap7 Saturday06300730Boot CampHallmark
Seven Oaks Park (Irmo SC)Strut7 Saturday06300730Boot CampHall Pass
Chapin High SchoolHavoc7 Saturday06000700High IntensityRedcard