Lake Murray, SC

F3 Lake Murray Backblasts

Revco’s Rampage

Six Pax showed up for a seasonably cool morning.  Conditions were nice for a long mosey. Instead of a winkie, YHC arrived with only his foam dodecahedron…which randomly generates exercises (written on each face) in quantities determined by each Pax’s birthday date.  As such this backblast will be almost exclusively in generalities and it is very …

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3 for 3.5

3 pax fought through the fog and posted at The Roost in an effort to get better.  Since the pax in attendance are all training for Ville to Ville, YHC decided to make sure we covered some distance.  Here’s how it went down: Conditions:  Foggy and 50s, definitely not the cold weather that Dirt Bag …

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5 Years of Pothole

26 PAX showed up this morning ready to do some work. Here’s where things get sketchy. Did the other 25 PAX show up because it was YHC’s 5 year anniversary, or because Neckbrace challenged that “if we have 25 I’ll let y’all dress me up in gamecock gear for my Q next Tuesday.” I’d like …

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