Lake Murray, SC

F3 Lake Murray Backblasts

60 PAX Converge to take on the Inaugural Don’t Suffer Challenge

On December 4, 2021 an OG in the CrossFit community sadly took his own life leaving behind a wife and two young children.  He suffered greatly from depression, PTSD and mental illness after retiring from the U.S. Army.  Despite his passion to coach and help others unlock their true potential, his own personal darkness became …

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Merch Madness

CONDITIONS Sixty degrees and despite a few hours of rain last night, much like that delicious looking chicken sandwich the ladies on Insta are flexing with, it was dry….really, really dry. Conditions were perfect for a little fun and games, especially after Buddy Love produced a Penny Hardaway-themed outdoor basketball to the crowd, which was …

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Still Hopes

A long lost soul returned to the gloom this morning, in all his glory. Whether that was me or Stagecoach is up for debate. YHC tried for a kinder, gentler Q as a prelude to a more user-friendly option for the old, the injured, the huddled masses yearning to breath free downwind of Moose. Several …

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