• When: 2024-02-20
  • QIC: Fool's Gold
  • The PAX: Speedo (R/AOQ), Flashdance (AOQ), Lumbergh (AOQ emeritus), FG (AOQ emeritus/QIC), Soccer Mom/Incognito/Chowdah (future AOQs), Hendrix (welcome!), and SEABISCUIT (FNG!!!).

O.A.S.I.S. comes to Depot!


Cool at ~33 degrees F, skies relatively clear and a bit of frost on the grass (Frosty Grass might be a good FNG name down the line, or perhaps some illicit drug YHC is unaware of). Unlike a few weeks back, thanks to CSX and Stagecoach, the train lines were open and brought a few new faces to Depot including Hendrix, our brother from Strut, and an FNG!

With few exceptions (e.g., Laettner primarily…takes a little while to warm the truck up) the trains do indeed run on time at Depot; however, today as late as halfway through the warm up it looked like our new FNG was going to be #RickRolled (the term for EHing a guy and then not showing up to their first post) by his sponsor Hendrix.

Rick Roll Gif - IceGif

Hendrix did indeed arrive and got to enjoy (at least part of) the warm up as follows…


  • SSH’s x 10 IC
  • IW’s x 10 IC
  • LBACs x 10 IC Forward/Reverse
  • OACs x 10 IC
  • TTTs x 10 IC NiceN’Slow

Take a “big lap”, grab a block, and circle up in the parking lot.


The pax circled up and YHC said today’s theme would be “brotherly love”. After a few awkward stares and a bit of hopefulness in Lumbergh’s eye, the pax began shouting out famous brothers – the Everly Brothers, The Eisley Brothers, the Super Mario Brothers….and probably some other brothers YHC forgot to recall. 

You Have to Call Me Dragon…” (Step Brothers) | Gifrific

The brothers we were celebrating today were non-other than Noel and Liam Gallagher of the greatest band in the fookin’ world (if you don’t believe me, just ask one of them), Oasis….or as Lumbergh says “4 chords and a whiny voice”, but I digress.

Oasis GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY | Liam gallagher oasis, Oasis, Noel  gallagher young


YHC wanted to kickstart our hearts (different band, coming to a Q near you down the line) so we kicked things off with a Tabata style cardio blast (sans the rest periods) that went down like this. In rapid succession, single count, IC complete:

  • Merkins x 10/Big Boys x 10
  • Merkins x 8/Big Boys x 8
  • Merkins x 6/Big Boys x 6
  • Merkins x 4/Big Boys x 4
  • Merkins x 2/Big Boys x 2

In the background, Oasis’ first big hit Supersonic playing, which has one of the best rock n’ roll lines of all time (my opinion, but ask Noel if you disagree)…”I know a girl called Elsa, she’s into alka seltzer, she sniffs it through a cane on a supersonic train”….probably not a bad way to consume Frosty Grass.

200w.gif ?cid=6c09b9523ip6rr7n8rb1xv1krs5zbi9mwjrzqb9frux6y9oh&ep=v1_gifs_search&rid=200w. gif&ct=g

PART 2 – O.A.S.I.S.

The pax, with pulse rates up and as breathy as a John Mayer song, proceeded to Part 2 where much like the periods in the header above (and a string of dudes in Taylor Swift songs)…

John Mayer GIFs on GIPHY - Be Animated

….Oasis is arguably most famous for the division between brothers Noel and Liam (see the taking the piss video below from MTV unplugged for one example) that ultimately led to the implosion of the band in 2009. 

To simulate this, YHC had the pax count off by 1’s and 2’s and then divided them into Team Noel and Team Liam for a little “competition”. YHC produced a bag with “tokens” (polyhedral dice) which allowed YHC to sniff out “nerds” in the group like Soccer Mom who knew about Dungeons and Dragons and then cleverly made fun of it so as not to out themselves as nerds.

YARN | Well, the jerk store called. They're running out of you. | Seinfeld  (1993) - S08E12 The Money | Video gifs by quotes | 3ea9404e | 紗

As well as a 2-sided box (coincidentally made by TSR, former makers of DnD…total coincidence) that had photos of Noel and Liam as well as the dry-eraseboard below. 

Part 2 was pretty simple, complete rounds of various exercises above with the reps indicated. Note for Arms the exercise was Curls and for Abs it was Crunches. Once you complete a round run a lap around the “little loop” and max out on pull ups or arm hang as long as you can.

For each round you complete, you get to grab a die out of the bag and put it in your respective box for your respective Gallagher Brother (see pic below for results). We got through only 3 rounds with altered reps (50/25/15….best laid plans, ya’ know) of this before it was time for Part 3. Throughout this part we listened to Oasis classics and a few B-sides (“NEXT!” by Lumbergh was heard a few times) including: Slide Away, Columbia, Go Let It Out, Don’t Look Back In Anger, and Champagne Supernova (or “supanover” if your a brit).

“official” recreated results from our “competition” showing that Team Noel edged out Team Liam 14 to 11 – note that Team Noel had an extra pax, but Team Liam had a pax wearing performance enhancing shoes. Results pending SC Supreme Court ruling at which time the prize (you get to by Fool’s Gold a beer) will be released.


Blocks away, we headed over to the playground for everyone’s favorite thing when YHC Q’s (it’s not an every time thing, but this is probably the 5th or 6th time we’ve done it) the Wonderwall. The premise here is also simple, wall sit throughout 4 minutes 18 seconds of the song Wonderwall. Bonus points if you sing along. If, or really when, you get smoked, cause only a few pax have been able to complete this, go do arm hangs from the monkey bars then rinse and repeat.

This Q’s rendition had a little twist, YHC accidentally bumped his phone and the song reset about a minute into it, so thus we have a 5+ minute wall sit!

The tales of valor will long be told and many songs sung about the legendary deeds therein of the results of this day’s Wonderwall, but I will put it to thee plainly….only two PAX remained at the end of the 5.5 minute mark when the last chord struck and their names were Flashdance and Speedo. Well done gentlemen, well done!

COT/BOM/End of Workout


The kiddos need edumacated about the intricacies of structural geology and plate tectonics, so today’s mole will have very little skin. These music-themed Q’s have been a lot of fun and a welcome respite from all the conversations about the struggles of life, parenting, work, relationships, that the #MenOfDepot normally want to drone on and on about.

YARN | Well, the jerk store called. They're running out of you. | Seinfeld  (1993) - S08E12 The Money | Video gifs by quotes | 3ea9404e | 紗

I’m kidding of course, but it is fun to have some tunes now and again to distract you from the pains of merkin 35/50. Also fun is when you have a guest to come visit and even more fun than that is when they bring an FNG. TClaps for Hendrix putting the EH on Seabiscuit to get him out in the gloom (also for letting me use a Rick Astley GIF…arguably the 2nd best artist to ever come out of the UK). The EH is THE way we get new guys out and also THE way we get old guys to sometimes come back out….so if you are reading this and have been waiting for a sign to reclaim your rightful place under your #UTP block at Depot….

Here's your sign. animated gif

The name chain for the FNG went like this

….big Louisville fan/from there – “Wildcat” (too cool)

….likes to drink bourbon – “Otis” (too Mayberry)

….is an insurance actuary – “bean counter” (getting close)

….kentucky and horses – could have went sideways with this one, but “Seabiscuit”…and so it was, welcome Seabiscuit to the gloom!!! #FirstBell


Lots of great stuff ahead!

  • THURSDAY – AOQ and #WonderwallChampion Flashdance is on Q, be there or be square
  • FRIDAY – DONUT RUN, 0530 from Bethel Lutheran – 2081 Dutch Fork Road, White Rock. Donuts at Chicken Butt to follow
  • SATURDAY – hoops??? TBD, keep an eye on the twitters
  • NEXT TUESDAY – AOQ and #WonderwallChampion Speedo is on Q, be there or do 100 burpees in your driveway shirtless
  • NEXT THURSDAY – Future AOQ Boxwine, gets an extra 15 minutes of sleep and returns to his Depot homeland!


Nothing explicit at the COT today, but I thought of a few things otw home.

Prayers for pax recovering or dealing with illness or injury (or cheer competitions) that have knocked them out of commission for a little while (Hostel, BL, Moose, etc.).

For those recovering from the Dam 2 Dam and starting already to put in work for next year, or tapering as the case may be.

For Roommate’s sister as she keeps up the good fight.

Praise for Whitney’s little Zack and the remarkable recovery he’s done. 



FNGs>Listening to your favorite band>Listening to others comments about your favorite band>your favorite band breaking up>your DnD players not respecting your authority for you as the DM by obliterating the creative subplots and character developments you literally spent hours carefully crafting for their enjoyment while they go full Leroy Jenkins and drunkenly smash everything they encounter>John Mayer






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