Monday Gloom

AO: the_castle Q: Turnpike PAX: Dog-Faced Gremlin, Fergie, Kamikaze, Special K, TOY, Turncoat, Turnpike, Wannabe, Wham, Rubber FNGs: None COUNT: 10 WARMUP: The Thang: With Bricks – Tricep Extension, shadow box, old man arm circles, Overhead Press Moseys to speed bump, cul de sacs – LBCs, Katniss Crunch, Flutter Kicks, partner Iron Cross Relay race, …

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The Cindy 500

AO: the_castle Q: Turncoat PAX: Wham, Fergie, Dog-Faced Gremlin, McLovin, Grilz FNGs: None COUNT: 6 WARMUP: Side straddle hop x 15 Thorough the tunnel x 10 Downward dog and calf stretch THE THANG: The Iron pax Cindy 500 ANNOUNCEMENTS: Next week is High Stick, Billy Bob and McLovin COT: Prayers for Katniss’ father in law, …

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The Return of Bubbles

AO: the_castle Q: F3 Bubbles PAX: Wannabe, McLovin, Katniss, Kamikaze, Escrow, Turnpike, grilz, F3 Bubbles, TOY, Dog-Faced Gremlin, Selfie, Wham FNGs: None COUNT: 12 WARMUP: SSH, Imperial Walker, LBAC THE THANG: Nice blend of run – 1.4 miles, merkins, LBC’s and block work ANNOUNCEMENTS: Wham Fri COT: Prayer and out


AO: the_castle Q: Kamikaze PAX: Kamikaze, Dog-Faced Gremlin, Escrow, Fergie, grilz, Katniss, Lamb Chop, Rubber, TOY, Turncoat, Wannabe FNGs: None COUNT: 11 WARMUP: select block THE THANG: curls, chest press, overhead press, squats. Hello dolly, parking lot snow angels, Katnis crunch, kamikaze v up, kamikaze over head press. Wall sits x 3, picnic table merkins, …

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Woods WOD

AO: the_castle Q: Escrow PAX: Turncoat, Selfie, Quaker, Escrow, McLovin, Katniss, Kamikaze, Dog-Faced Gremlin, Buc-ee, Wham, grilz, Wannabe, Turnpike, TOY, Billy Bob FNGs: None COUNT: 15 WARMUP: SSH, LBAC,RRR,TTT, stretches,etc THE THANG: run and exercises, medicine ball work ANNOUNCEMENTS: HDHH, COT:Lords Prayer

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