Month: May 2018

Leave No Doubt

6 PAX decided to gather for an early start to the “10,000 Merkin Challenge” Conditions- Perfect for a self served salt bath The Thang SSH x 20 IC TTT x 20 IC IW x 20 IC After all winds were broke and territories marked we took a mosey across the parking lot to get a …

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Almost Merlot’d My Own Q

They always say “Only Q what you can do” and we certainly pushed that to the limit this morning.  YHC has been slightly under the weather lately and pushed it to the limit this morning, taking the drive home rather slowly after feeling some merlot brewing. Nonetheless, the boys of TP did not let me down. …

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Country Grinder

Conditions:  73 with 92% humidity Disclaimer Prayer NO WARMUP The Thang: “The Grinder” Country Edition There are 6 “islands” around the parking lot we meet in. Three to the left of the flag and three to the right. We will circle the parking lot stopping at each island to perform an exercise. We start at …

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#Almost NO Running

Conditions: 73, cloudy and HUMID; just another beautiful Columbia spring morning. The Thang: Bowing to the extreme pax pressure from prior Q’s, YHC wanted to lead a SCORE workout with #AlmostNOrunning but still high intensity and good, continuous heart-rate elevation. Dr. Tabata had the prescription: Only 8 exercises with minmal running (.6 miles total). Each …

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Expulsion – May

The Thang Explanation of Expulsion. From henceforth to be run the last workout of each month. Crabwalk backwards up the Principal, stopping at each plateau for LBC’s, beginning with 11 reps. Run to the bottom of the Secretary (it sounds profane, but it’s not), and backwards run to the top. Stop at each light pole …

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