• When: 2018-05-31
  • QIC: Boo Boo
  • The PAX: Canseco, Treadmill, Swanson, Wilbur, Closer, Blades, Booster, The Big Peter, Swinger, Tater, Simon Says, Whiffle Ball (R), Kyrie (R), Quisenberry, Candy Stripe, Fry Daddy (R), Pick Axe, Wapner, Boo Boo

Almost Merlot’d My Own Q

They always say “Only Q what you can do” and we certainly pushed that to the limit this morning.  YHC has been slightly under the weather lately and pushed it to the limit this morning, taking the drive home rather slowly after feeling some merlot brewing. Nonetheless, the boys of TP did not let me down.

Here’s how it went down:


Straight down to the nasty business, 10 burpees cold start OYO.

Mosey the long way around the parking lot, throw in some high knees and some butt kickers.

Run some short suicides about half the width of the parking lot.

Mosey to back parking lot for warm up:

  • SSH x20 IC
  • TTT x20 IC
  • IW x20 IC
  • LBAC F x20 IC
  • LBAC R x20 IC
  • Squats x20 IC

Mosey down the hill and take a lap around the big track.  Was kindly reminded that run groups meet on MWF.  Noted.

Line up at the bottom of the hill.  5 sprints up, walk down each time.

Sprint up hill, 1 burpee, walk over to stairs.  At each landing on the set of stairs, as you go down, 4 derkins on 4th step, 3 derkins on 3rd step, 2 derkins on 2nd step, 1 derkin on 1st step.  Done 3 times, reach the bottom of the stairs.  Repeat, adding one additional burpee for each round at the top of the hill.

Mosey big lap around the field to take a breather.

Suicides in the field – markers at 15 feet, 30 feet, 45 feet, and 60 feet.

Repeat hill/derkin mania but replace derkins with squats.  3 rounds.

Mosey back to the flag and realize that you forgot how large this AO’s campus is and you are spoiled by never having to run super far at DET.


Canseco stepped on a squeaky toy or something during announcements but my gosh it smelled bad.  The man has talent.

T-claps to Quis for his encouragement of PAX during the workout.  If you need someone to keep you accountable and motivated, that’s your guy.

Lots of 2nd F at Turning Point, I can tell that is a close group of guys with a special bond, thanks for letting me join in for a day.

Make sure you have your pre-exercise calls incorrect for Quis and Wapner.  Some strong mumblechatter attempting to throw the Q off his game, no such luck.


For those that may have missed it, Mac raised over $72K for LLS – awesome!

Open Q spot for Saturday at Turning Point

June 20 – Lexington run groups converging at 5 am at Stride to honor Cheech

3rd F opportunity – late summer – construction type job – Quis for details


Prayer Requests

Swanson’s father – rough patch

William Anderson – medical issues