Dry Porch Workout

AO: score Q: Ripcord PAX: Crawlspace, Lumen, OBC, Ripcord, Spool, Sled FNGs: None COUNT: 6 WARMUP: Standard Score Warmup THE THANG: Out of Rain, Porch Pain w Bricks and Blocks. My Watch liked it. ANNOUNCEMENTS: see link for WL Perry. :point_up: COT. :pray:

Cat Dogs and Pele BS

AO: score Q: Charley (f3Pele) PAX: Crawlspace, Lumen, Nails, OBC, Ripcord, Sled FNGs: None COUNT: 7 WARMUP: Standard other than a new twist on the ever popular Cat Cows, now called Cat Dogs. THE THANG: Word of the day, isolation. Pele had us grab some bricks and took us through a series of exercises, multiple …

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Tart Sweet Fonda Jane

AO: score Q: Eric Gluse PAX: SweetTart, Crawlspace, Lumen, Nails, Spool FNGs: None COUNT: 5.5 WARMUP: Typical, but a little late as we waited for Nails. THE THANG: Backwards Lumen Loop as we congregated at Hollywood Squares, Betty, Cassina, up Adger to Deveraux, over to Princeton, a short stop at the Sandbox, over to the …

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Plank Fest

AO: score Q: Spool PAX: Lumen, Nails, Crawlspace FNGs: None COUNT: 4 WARMUP: Spool had us plank a lot in addition to normal warmup! THE THANG: Brick work with slow cadence which made Nails happy! Lots of isolation. Worked all muscle groups! Spool did great on short notice, though he was not able to explain …

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AO: score Q: OBC PAX: Lumen, Crawlspace FNGs: None COUNT: 3 WARMUP: Good amount of stretching and standard warm up! THE THANG: Nice Monday workout with some bricks. Learned how to properly modify star gazers! It can be done! Worked all muscle groups! Some Pele BS, and raised the bar on calf raises with 30-30-30…ouch! …

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Love Bug Returns

AO: score Q: Love Bug PAX: Sled, Nails, Lumen, Crawlspace, Prenup FNGs: None COUNT: 6 WARMUP: Standing warm up as the ground was very wet! THE THANG: Grabbed bricks and headed to the big island where we completed several rounds of arms, leg and abdominal exercises with a half lap in between. Love Bug of …

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4 Corners

AO: score Q: Lumen PAX: Crawlspace, Prenup, RayCharles, Nails FNGs: None COUNT: 5 WARMUP: SSHs, Windmills, Lil Baby Arm Circles, Assorted stretches THE THANG: Run to all 4 corners of parking lot and do merkins at one, squats at next, Big Boys at another and forgot what we did at another. Assorted brick work followed …

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History of Jello

AO: score Q: Crawlspace PAX: Lumen, Sled FNGs: None COUNT: 3 WARMUP: You all missed the best workout ever!! A short walk from our warm vehicles to the pre-circle hard pavement and back. THE THANG: After a short drive to EUG, we walked from our vehicles into EUG and back out. In the middle were …

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Leg Day!

AO: score Q: Ball Boy PAX: Crawlspace, Lumen, Nails, Charley (f3Pele), Spool, OBC, Sled, RayCharles FNGs: None COUNT: 9 WARMUP: A lot of arm stretching for leg day! THE THANG: A lot of great things happening today. Ballboy displays his beard of wisdom doing leg and ab work even though he has a torn rotator …

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