No Burpees, No Blocks

AO: hammer Q: Bindi PAX: Pinkman, Ratatouille, Felix FNGs: None COUNT: 4 WARMUP: 15 ssh ic, 15 Frankenstein ic, 15 thru the tunnel ic, seated toe touch, seated lower back stretch, butterfly stretch THE THANG: mosey to the other store, 10 merkins, 20 squats, 30 monkey jumpers. Mosey to Brockman Elementary. Dora 100 wide arm …

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IPC Week 4

AO: hammer Q: IronPAX PAX: Wally, Ratatouille, Bindi, Felix, Carpet Bagger FNGs: None COUNT: 5 Week 4 IPC. Above post has the details. Announcements: Sprintvergence on Thursday!


AO: hammer Q: IronPAX PAX: Bindi, Big Worm, Ratatouille, Wally, Zuba, Felix, Carpet Bagger FNGs: None COUNT: 7 45min AMRAP 400-meter track with 100-meter increments clearly visible The Thang The workout begins when the timer starts 400-meter lap 5 BDE burpees 400-meter lap 5 BDE merkins (AKA – hand-release prisoner merkins) Hand release merkin to …

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IPC Week 1

AO: hammer Q: Ratatouille PAX: BunkBed, Big Worm, Bindi, Collar, Fallout (1st F), Ratatouille, Wally, Duckie, Carpet Bagger, Tommy Boy, Tinactin FNGs: None COUNT: 11 FORMAT 45min AMRAP (with E5MOM: 20 yards Mode of Transportation (MOT)) Coupon and EMOM timer is needed for this workout Set an EMOM timer for 5 minutes and when the …

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Week 0 IPC

AO: hammer Q: IronPAX PAX: Zuba, Darlene, Duckie, Stretch, Collar, Bindi, Ratatouille, Wally, Carpetbagger, Felix FNGs: None COUNT: 10 Warm-up (performed in cadence) 13 reps of each exercise (all 4 count) SSH Imperial Walkers Shoulder Taps Mountain Climbers Plank Jacks 800-meter run 85 reps of each of the following exercise. Perform 8 burpees after completing …

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IPC Warmup

AO: hammer Q: Fallout (1st F) PAX: Bindi, Big Worm, Lobstah, Fallout (1st F), Felix, Ruff Rider FNGs: 1 Ruff Rider COUNT: 6 WARMUP: SSH, 30, IC 5 burpees Imperial Walkers, 25, IC 5 burpees LBAC, 15, IC (forward, reverse, overhead) 5 burpees Mosey to get blocks, bring back to parking lot THE THANG: 3 …

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Wheel of fun!

AO: hammer Q: Ratatouille PAX: Duckie, Bindi, Darlene, Big Worm, Ratatouille, Felix FNGs: None COUNT: 6 WARMUP: Toe touch and hold stretch, inch worms, SSH, IW, low plank THE THANG: YHC created wheel of various exercises on the phone and had pax spin. 1 minute of exercising for each spin (unless designated run or suicide). …

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Block Dora

AO: hammer Q: BooBoo PAX: Zuba, Collar, Darlene, Ratatouille, McNugget, Felix, Carpetbagger FNGs: None COUNT: 8 WARMUP: mosey to field, 20 SSH IC, 20 BBSU OYO, 20 WWII windmills IC, 10 Merkins OYO, Ring of Fire THE THANG: Partner Dora with blocks 100 KB 200 squats 300 curls Partner A traverses field with block in …

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Loggers paradise

AO: hammer Q: Darlene PAX: Bindi, Collar, Darlene, Pinkman, Ratatouille, Zuba, Jack Zemp FNGs: 1 Jack Zemp COUNT: 7 WARMUP: Baby arm circles 20 IC Through the tunnel 20 IC THE THANG: Log carry in teams of 3 between two check points. Each check point a member from the log carrying team had to do …

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