• When: 2024-01-02
  • QIC: Fool's Gold
  • The PAX: Speedo (R), Buddy Love, Soccer Mom, Pol Worker, Incognito, Hostel, FG (QIC)



Cool 34ish degrees and relatively clear skies with the new car smell that is 2024 permeating the 7 PAX (and one mannequin leg) that showed up to kick off 2024 together.


Usual disclaimer, with explicit recognition (and agreement by the PAX) that YHC is not a professional followed by a rather quick warm up of:

  • SSHs x 10 IC
  • TTTs x 10 IC
  • Little Baby Arm Circles x 10 IC forward/reverse
  • Hillbillies x 10 IC


Just nigh one week ago, Lumbergh led the #MenOf Depot (all 3 of us: Bird Strike, Lumbee, and yours truly) in the final Depot Boot Camp of 2023. It was a “back to basics” affair with some exercises, followed by laps around the track, rinse and repeat for nearly 2 miles of running. I liked that approach, so I decided to borrow that framework for today’s Q (although it is unfortunate that neither Lumbergh or Bird Strike showed today to see if YHC was successful).

Funny gif's and meme's to help pass the time - Page 2494 — King Community

Additionally, on the way into the aforementioned workout, YHC’s car radio just happened to be tuned to Steve FM (it’s too early for YHC’s brain to digest podcasts at that hour….I wouldn’t want to commend one to the PAX that wasn’t fully vetted). For the uninitiated, Steve FM is famous for randomly putting songs of different genres back to back (e.g., Metallica and Madonna).

Well-were-waiting GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

As fate would have it, those glorious bastards (or AI chatbots…you can really never tell these days) at Steve delivered Van Halen’s Right Now (a favorite of YHC…it’s a great song, and YHC invested heavily in Pepsi Crystal back in the day)…

1993 PEPSI CRYSTAL – Right Now

….on the radio that fine morn, resulting in YHC doing a Van Halen tribute Q which went down a little like this….

Part 1 – “Jump” into the New Year/aka “extended warm up”

YHC dug into the ole reliable F3 Exicon for the this part.

  • Jump Squat Holds (Van Halen’s Jump playing)
    • 10 Single Count Jump Squats IC
    • 10 Seconds Al Gore
    • 9 Single Count Jump Squats IC
    • 9 Seconds Al Gore
    • Rinse and repeat the above down to 1, skipping 7 and 5 as the lactic acid built up, but hold for a full 10 seconds at the end
  • Diamond Dave (Lee Roth) Burpees x 10 OYO
    • Same move as a Burpee, but instead of a Merkin do a Diamond Merkin and on the jump do an air split like Diamond Dave
    • David Lee Roth : les 21 bonnes paroles d'un showman hors pair | Pixbear

Slow mosey around the big lap (Panama playing), grab blocks, and head to the track for further instruction.

Part 2 – Van Halen (DLR) or Van Hagar?

  • Upon arrival at the track, YHC produced the below dry-erase board which set forth the details of today’s adventure. Pretty simple – 8 sets of exercises spelling out Van Halen, with a lap in between (total mileage for today pushed 2 miles) while we rocked out to Van Halen.

Once the collective finished all the reps, each PAX got to cast a vote (in blood, of course) for either David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar as Van Halen’s best front man. As shown in the above, the high flying cocaine laced antics of the ice cream man DLR in “classic” Van Halen narrowly defeated (4 to 3) the laid back, can’t drive 55, love (and tequila) laced Van Hagar lyricist Sammy Hagar.

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Fortunately, this highly scientific poll completed by a team of experts puts an end to the debate and we can enter 2024 knowing no more energy need be expended on this conflict.

That is alot of bullshit - Imgflip

Tunes for today consisted of an equal mix of DLR (first 5) and Hagar (last 5):

  • Jump
  • Panama
  • Hot for Teacher
  • You Really Got Me
  • Ice Cream Man
  • Right Now
  • Can’t Stop Lovin’ You
  • Humans Being
  • Love Walks In
  • When It’s Love

Circle up for some Mary including

  • Buddy Love – 5 Big Boys OYO
  • Hostel – Hello Dollies (at various paces) x 6 IC
  • Speedo – 5 Big Boys OYO
  • Incognito – Rosalitas x 10 IC
  • Soccer Mom – struggling to remember, because he always does Merkin/Squat Jumps
  • FG – 6 Freddie Mercuries IC
  • Pol Worker – 6 Seconds of 6 inches (you just had to be there for that one)

COT/BOM/End Workout


Since this was mostly sprinkled throughout, I’ll close by wishing each of you a healthy and happy 2024. 

May all your wildest DREAMS come true! - Andy Bondurant


  • Pol Worker on Q on Thursday, let’s have a big turnout, call someone you haven’t seen yet in 2024 (which is a big list, so you may want to have your secretary (or administrative assistant as Speedo calls them) help out with it)
  • Much like Hostel’s legs on the Hello Dollies, the Depot Q sheet is WIDE open for January, get your dates in now (TClaps to Hostel for picking up one next week)
  • Potentially hoops returns on Saturday. Keep your eye on the twitters if interested.


  • Joanna’s friend’s son – 3 YO kid in the hospital with RSV+Covid
  • For many others dealing with illness/injury
  • For strength and success in 2024
  • Unspoken

TL:DR – Pepsi>Pepsi Crystal>Crystal Pepsi>Crystal Meth>Your favorite band breaking up

YARN | Now please get out of my Van Halen T-shirt… …before you jinx the  band and they break up. | The Wedding Singer (1998) | Video clips by quotes  | cb73dbb8 | 紗

FG out, SYITG!

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