• When: 2023-12-05
  • QIC: Fool's Gold
  • The PAX: Speedo, Bird Strike, Soccer Mom, Pol Worker, Chowdah, Flash Dance, FG (QIC)

It’s Not Confidential, Depot’s Got Potential (and Leg)


A cool (42 degrees), cloudless morning with a half-moon greeted the PAX as 7 of us gathered to kick off the last first Tuesday Depot workout of 2023.

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It took me a minute too…


A quick disclaimer and some #LockerRoomTalk related to Pol Worker’s morning ritual of waiting till he gets to Depot to finish dressing, before we got into:

  • SSHs x 10 IC
  • Low, Slow (or medium paced), Squats x 11 IC
  • TTT x 10 IC
  • Little Baby Arm Circles Forward/Reverse x 10 IC each direction
  • Imperial Walkers x 10 IC

Grab a block and head to the top of the drive for further instruction.


YHC promised a KILLER workout in the Depot Chat, so the audio backdrop for today’s shenanigans was by non-other than the Nevada’s all-time best-selling (it’s a crowded field, trust me) rock band The Killers.  The Killer’s produced Hostel’s (not present) favorite lyric of “somebody told me you had a boyfriend that looked like a girlfriend that I had in February of last year”. Not sure why he likes it so much, but quote “they get me”. 

fun with fruit — The Killers - Mr. Brightside

There was also a subtle sprinkling of the original Killer Jerry Lee Lewis thrown in for good measure. Not sure if the PAX picked up on this connection (it was early and only Flashdance seemed to be properly caffeinated), but either way I call dibs on the band name “Subtle Sprinkling”.

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I’m still thinking that one through….at any rate, YHC produced the following dry-erase board and we got down to business.

Each letter corresponds to an exercise or series of exercises and the numbers represent the number of reps. The slash between the numbers is either a run to the bottom of the hill and back (about 0.1 miles round trip) or 15 SSHs. It went down like this:

  • K  – Kettle Bell Swings – 5/10/15/10/5 – run in between each set
  • I – Incline Merkins (or decline if you wanted extra credit like Chowdah, Speedo, and Soccer Mom) – 5/10/15/10/5 – 15 SSHs in between each set 
  • L – Run a Lap, max out on pull ups, and do 15 dips run back to the top
  • L – “Legs”….ok mostly abs, but Iron Crosses – 5/10/15/10/5 – run in between each set
  • E – “Exercise of your Choice” – 5/10/15/10/5 – 15 SSHs in between each set   
  • R – “Random”, a random collection of exercises – 30 Rows/25 Curls/20 OHs/15 Tris + run to the bottom of the hill and back
  • S – STH your block back to the block pile

During our workout, Speedo noticed a severed leg (ok, a mannequin leg) over by the Goodwill bin (pictured below, see if you can find it).

We (and the leg) circled up for some Mary where said leg was used “spin the bottle” style to decide who got to call out the exercises. My memory is foggy on what we did here, but everyone got a turn and we all now have six-pack abs, so #MissionAccomplished

Circle Up, COT, BOM, end workout


Duty calls, so only a few notes:

Since my last Q’s John Cougar Mellencamp theme seemed to go over well, I decided to give a music-themed Q another shot. Hard to go wrong with The Killers, especially their first album. Below was our playlist for today…..


The randomness of the Leg was a nice addition. Not sure why anyone would throw away a perfectly good mannequin leg, but Speedo recognized it’s value and took it home with him. Mrs. Speedo has no idea the surprise she’s gonna get on Christmas morning. 

What A Great Lamp GIF - A Christmas Story Lamp Legs - Discover & Share GIFs

Quick shout-out to our boy Chowdah. He started a few months back and has been going strong since day one. Great guy with a great sense of humor. Glad to have him at Depot! #BostonStrong

Boston Wicked Pissah GIF - Boston Wicked Pissah Pissah - Discover & Share  GIFs


  • Our NanTan Socrates is making the trip up St. Andrews road to lead us on Thursday. Let’s have a strong showing for one of @f3lakemurray’s finest OGs #F3Royalty
  • Depot is back on Saturday, 0630!


  • Continued prayers for NanTan esq Neck Brace and his family
  • Praise for Whitney and little Zack. Flashdance shared a great story about Zack’s recovery with the group. Looking forward to having our boy Whitney back out in the gloom as things settle down.
  • For all of us as this holiday season approaches – traveling, spending time with loved ones and thinking of those who have moved on.
  • Unspoken


Getting Leg>Finding a Leg>Misplacing a Leg>Turning your girlfriend into someone’s boyfriend 




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