• When: 2021-04-08
  • QIC: Focker
  • The PAX: Duckie, Boo Boo, Collar, Leon, Wally, Zima

Focker’s VQ

Warmup at COT

15 Merkins IC
Mosey to the soccer fields and did Indian run with 2 laps around the fields.

Mosey to the tennis courts:

Suicides x2
5 burpees at the beginning and then half way and then at the end
Mosey to the playground:

30 pullups
60 iron crosses
60 merkins
mosey to the picknick shelter:

30 box jumps
60 dips
60 calf raises
Mosey back to the soccer field: lunges half the field and sprint the other half:

30 LBCs
20 flutter kicks
20 hip raises
high plank for approx 3 min with switching to right and left side
Mosey to the parking lot: 4 sprints (approx 50 yards each), 15 sec rest period between each sprint

2 min wall sit with:

15 arm raises
30 forward baby arm circles IC
30 backward baby arm circles IC

finish with:
15 big boys
20 LBCs
high plank




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