• When: 2021-04-13
  • QIC: Ash
  • The PAX: Silver Bullet, Corn Dog, Bone Saw, Pondo, Jar Jar, Birthday Suit, Side Salad, Teddy, Ash

Hitting the Old Dirt Road at WS

8 PAX plus a rogue Jar Jar posted this morning at Woodshed where the weather was hard to beat (no rain and mid 50s). 

The Thang: 

Warmup: SSH x20 in cadence, Through the tunnel x15 in cadence, Arm circles (forward, backward, overhead claps and raise the roofs) x10 each in cadence, and merkins x12 in cadence. A quickm 5 burpees OYO and 1-2 minutes of plank variations before the PAX hit the road towards the Lower Playground. 

Lower Playground – everyone partnered up to complete 3 rounds of the following…Partner 1 10 pullups & 20 dips, Partner 2 Russian Twists AMRAP until P1 was done a set and they’d swap. (total of 30 pullups and 60 dips for each PAX). More planks as we waited for the 6 before a short mosey to the dirt path. 

Dirt Path Dora – 75 burpees, 150 squats and 300 little baby crunches as a pair. The partner not hitting the exercises would do 1 lap on the dirt path and 10 monkey humpers before swapping positions with the other partner. 

Mosey back to the flag. 21s (side straddle hop challenge requiring PAX to keep count in your head and finish in sync after 21 SSHs). PAX completed 10 burpees as a penalty for one PAX (it totally wasn’t Silver Bullet) counting out loud the whole time. 

COT with announcements and prayers. Continued chatter around AOQ challenges from both Pondo and Jar Jar to help encourage attendance / FNGs.

Short devo where I read an excerpt from the book Legacy by James Kerr. A small quote from the except here … “Wise leaders seek to understand how the brain reacts to stress and practice simple, almost meditative techniques to stay calm, clear and connected.” 

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