• When: 2021-04-13
  • QIC: Skipper
  • The PAX: Cornwallis, Snookie Respect, Weed, Heisenberg, May Plant Mad Respect, Abby Wambach Respect, Rag Doll Respect, Lizard Man, Harper Valley Respect, Bolt Respect, Big Load, Towns Redfearn Hero, Schrute, Neon Respect, Dufresne Respect, Sacajawea Respect, Short Circuit, Mayhem Respect, Crackhead Respect, Tweetsie, Whaler Respect, Treebark, Stats Respect, Skipper Respect.



Warm Up
1) Side Straddle Hops in cadence: 15
2) Little Baby Arm Circles in cadence: 15 forward & 15 backward
3) Imperial Walkers in cadence: 15
After the warm up – everybody grab a block and line up at the center pole
The Thang:
The Pax will do 3 sets of 11’s:  Each set of exercises will start with a letter that is significant
Set 1:
  C = Chest Presses with a Block
  Hallelujah Walk with the Block between the exercises
  A = American Hammers with a Block
Set 2:
  M = Merkins on the Block
  Lunge walk with the Block between the exercises
  D = Dolly’s with a Block
Set 3:
  E = Eights with a Block (make a figure 8 with while holding the block in a standing upright position)
  Hallelujah Walk with the Block between the exercises
  N = Narrow Squats with a Block
Once all are finished, put the blocks up and meet back at the Flag
Q explained the significance of the letters for the exercises.  A lot of Core work was done today representing our Core Values
for the Camden HS Baseball team
C = Confidence
A = Attitude
M = Mental Toughness
D = Determination
E = Enthusiasm
N = No Excuses
Announcements: N/A
Prayer Request: N/A

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