• When: 2021-01-30
  • QIC: Blue Rhino
  • The PAX: Papa G,ReCyclops,Muscles,Broadhead,Handlebar,Voltamor,Stitches,BooBoo, Tardy, Barcrawl, Adluh,Columbo (R), Dropcall,Enuit,BlueRhino


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Conditions: *brisk* 26*


The Thang:
YHC traveled to the dudes of Jumanji-lots of great guys over there and plenty of HIM’s to put work in on a Saturday at 6:30. I do design work all day long, so I pull up google maps to Jumanji and all I saw were baseball diamonds-imagining a great season, bleachers- for the fans yelling, walk paths for carts hauling all the gear, and instantly a cross pops up in my head on strava.. we’ll bless the season.  Let’s see how it all went down.

I was late-3min exactly- #Cobains- I also drug a birthday boy and teenager out of bed.. Thanks to Papa G for opening up in prayer- knocking out them SSH for me

2nd Prayer: I am a semi professional -sorry I am late, I am your Q BR. In honor of Muscles 11th birthday, 11 is today’s magic number

Circle up:
-Arm Circles x 11 IC 
-Arm Circles x 11 IC Rev (tune out the #mumblechatter)
-Overhead clap X 11 IC
-Imperial Walker- x11 IC
-TTT x 3ct @11 IC (love for these are getting better each time)
-Merkins OYO-11
-Slow mo Squat-11 IC
-Merkins/Squats – 10 OYO- completes our 20/21 challenge (20 merkins 21 squats-everyday)

Mosey to Block pile: 
COBBLER- I don’t like fruit, but, it all just came too..

Grab Block:
C-Curls for the Girls- 5
O-Overhead press-5
B-Block Burpee-1 
B-Bear crawl up bleacher
L-lunge bleacher
E-easy Dip
R-Run to end of walk path

Round one:
Curls for the girls -IC 5
O-overhead press- IC 5
B-Block Burpee-OYO 1-add 1 each round

Walk to bench- slightly icey, half the pax braved it, half lunged- work was done.
11 Dips-OYO
Run path-

Rinse and Repeat- 8 times

Intent was to stay on outer loop, circling back the same loop all the way around the park- It started off a rocky, got better, but It took a lot of mumble chatter, but in the end it turned out well. 

Count off- partner up- 14, who’s the extra? wait 15? do 11 COBBLERS- wait why we partnering up? I dunno- do the exercise-run-mumblechatter- have fun, I don’t care what you think- put blocks up- 

4mins of Mary- flutter kicks, bicycles, LBC,BBSU,CrabMonkey Humpers- 



-#tclaps to the men who came out this a.m. and got better on a Saturday. Q’in isn’t hard- the execution sometimes is. But letting it bother you isn’t worth not Q’ing. 15 pax could of stayed in bed, some may have wish they did, but they didn’t. They chose to get up, get better, have fun, enjoy breakfast after. This is what it is all about. You may not have the perfect Q, but, the perfect men who support you will make the unperfect Q better.

The men of Jumanji are a respectable solid group of guys. They rotate a lot more often than other PAX- ALOT!. Detention has been joining forces and it has been great to see those double digits on a Saturday. I highly suggest getting on their Q sheet and go put some work in with them.  They don’t dissapoint.


-Dam to Dam- reach out to Paper Jam or Juice- volunteers needed 
P200 2021
-March 6th 7yr GraveYard Anni
-Geo Cache Dreher Island- See papa g @ Jumanji


-The sick- Covid
-Our churches



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