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Ramblin’ to the Track

AO: ramble
Q: Swingline
PAX: Turtle, Preppy, Bundy, Bunch, Garnish, 8 Mile, Easy Street, Stache, Love Child, Hasselhoff
FNGs: None
Stache warm up special. Easy Street was able to explain the Fartlek better than Swingline. Garnish scratching his head. Bundy coming in on two wheels.

Head down to the Owen’s Field track. Put in work on the track then head back to the AO.

1 mile Warm Up
800m on
Recover until you get to the track

On Track
1 – 800m on 400 m off
5 – 400m on 200m off

Off Track
400m off 800m on

Cool Down back to AO

Ended by a healthy debate on is it a Fartlek or Interval, or is it a combination of both.

Keep showing up!

Pray to be a better father, husband and son. Spread His light.

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