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F3 Columbia #Amble: We are the 1%

So Mission apparently killed F3 Columbia yesterday with his Women’s Health block work excercises. So this morning 99% of F3 Columbia’s regular pax (~40) marinated in their odiferous beds (#fartsacks) and rubbed Ben Gay on their sore little backs and hammies while 3 pax rose like phoenixes (?, phoenixii? phoenixians?) from the soreness on Berkley, Graeme and Heath Hill and fought the good fight to post for 5 miles around the Lake Katharine area lakes. WE ARE THE 1%.

Conditions: 70 degrees with 90% humidity.

The Thang: 5 mile “figure 8” loop around both “Big Lake Katharine” and “Little Lake Katharine”.

Sub Prime, Fountainhead and Chaser completed the course in 41:06 (8:18/mi).

COT: It’s short and sweet with 3 pax.
Ball of Man led by Fountainhead.


– T-Claps to Fountainhead who ran his first 5 miler since, in his words, “the new bridge was built” (coming from a Charleston native that means the new Cooper River Bridge). According to Wikipedia that would have been on July 16, 2005…only 8 years ago. #BuildingBackUp

-Tomorrow’s boot camp promises to be a memorable one as Sway has designed a modified Murph workout. I’ll leave the specifics to him but let’s just say it will be a test. This workout may serve as a baseline fitness test that we can do from time to time to chart our progress. So hydrate tonight and get ready to put out max effort.

– Now that we’ve done all three of the designed runs we will look to develop a bit of a pattern so pax can know what to expect each MWF. This pattern is still being determined. We will switch it up occasionally with track work and hill work to keep from getting monotonous but a bit of a pattern is probably a good thing for guys trying to plan out their weekly workouts.

-Still time to sign up for the Mud Run. Sign up online through F3 as an individual and we’ll get you on a F3 team. If you’re on the fence, just sign up. You’ve got several months to get ready and plenty of brothers here to trian with. In all honesty, if you can complete our boot camp workouts you can complete the Mud Run right now. Contact Sway for details on thaTwittah @flynnbowie or email [email protected]

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