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This Stairway Did Not Go to Heaven

23 Columbia Pax (with 1 FNG) met at Dreher High School anticipating a rigorous workout. We did not anticipate the obviously bad week from Beano, who reminded us all why he’s called “Major BS.”

Condition: Overcast and 68 degrees

The Thang:

–Warm up run for ½ mile with Pain Stations:

40x (two count) Merkins

40x Situps

Proceed to Tamaka Hill for Jacob’s Ladder x 10
10x Hill repeats with reverse pyramid of Burpies at top of hill
60 seconds abdominal work
30x (two count) Merkins
–Movement to four square
20x step ups, right leg
15x (four count), incline Merkins
20x step ups, left leg
10x (four count) decline Merkins
–Movement to brick pile
20x (four count) curls with blocks
20x (four count) bent over rows with blocks
20x dead hang back extensions with blocks
20x (four count) Russian twists
25x (four count) bench press with blocks
15x (four count) arm flutters with bricks
15x (two count) overhead claps with bricks
15x (four count) alternating military press with bricks
40x (four count) Flutter kicks
15x (four count) curls with blocks
15x (four count) bent over rows with blocks
15x dead hang back extensions with blocks
100 meter lunge walk;
–Nothing Follows, Mission Complete!

Ball of Man



  • Painful beat down on the hill as only Beano can deliver.
  • Mud Run sing ups by Saturday
  • Get your KB from Tajh, and kick in a few dollars for his gas and trailer rental


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