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"It was like Groundhog Day"

The same thing over and over beat down 34 pax this morning. Chaser — obviously needing to prove something — was relentless in cadence and intensity.

Conditions: 68 and partly cloudy

The Thang:

School lap

Merkins x 10
LBC x 10
Rinse and Repeat x 5 (100 Merkins, 100 LBC)
Partner up:
Derkins x 5 (feet on partner back – switch)
Iron cross x 20 OYO Switch
Rinse and Repeat x 3

Broad Jump Burpees sideline to sideline (crowd pleaser)
Lunge walk back

Heartbreaker’s BrickPile
Front/Side Alt Brick Raise x 30
Block Curl 7s
Triceps Brick Press x 20
Block Curl 7s
Triceps Brick Press x 20
Block Curl 7s
Triceps Brick Press x 20
Block Curl 7s
Front/Side Alt Brick Raise x 30
Bench Press Block x 15
Bench Press Block burnout x 15
Low Flutter Kicks x 30
Russian Twist x 15
Bench Press Block x 15
Bench Press Block burnout x 15


Ball of Man: Chaser led closing prayer


  • Steady work from Chaser. Opening set of Merkins and LBC’s were tougher than anticipated. #fastpace
  • Huge crowd this morning including 3 FNGs and 1 other posting for his first bootcamp (Splinter posted first at Amble on Wednesday)
  • The brickpile has 34 blocks — I think we need a few more just in case
  • Huge T-Claps to Tajh who drove to Fort Mill yesterday to pick up the kettlebells. 1350 lbs of swingin’ iron. If you did not pick yours up, please do so Saturday
  • Mudrun deadline is Sunday.
  • There is space for Columbia to put together a Blue Ridge Relay team. With the influx of runners lately, I think we could field a very competitive team
  • New Q’s: It’s time for some new blood to step up and take the lead of some workouts. Trust me, you’ll love it. Speak up!
  • Amble is off to a good start. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 0545 at Kathwood Baptist Church. 3-5 mile group runs
  • F3 Gears: a Sunday group ride at the Fort has been proposed — any cyclists in the group?
  • Expansion: There is renewed interest for a workout in Irmo. Please submit names and emails of Irmo guys, and let’s get them into an #EmotionalHeadlock. Also, a blitz is coming to Mt. Pleasant in early summer. We will need some guys to volunteer to attend a Saturday workout down there, and we need EVERYONE to EH Mt. Pleasant/Charleston FNGs.


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