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Conditions: 41 degrees The Thang: Disclaimer, Count off, BOM The Route:  COT & BOM Devo: Matthew 6:5-13 Prayer Requests: -Notebook, No Show, Cartwheel’s M Announcements: -SAFE Run -2/20 Dam to Dam  


I will admit it…after hearing a steady rain while in the comfort of the fartsack, the last thing I wanted to do was run in the cold rain. Why did my Q have to fall on a morning when it’s 38 degrees and rainy? But, forces I am thankful for…responsibility, accountability, the focus on acceleration…got …

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Reverse Manhunt

Good crowd this AM for 28 degrees run. Not sure if it was the idea of the beating Wander or just the need for #acceleration. Jam, Brita, and Lumbergh took an extra red pill and ran XL miles.  The route boasted a hilly start, running up Church St then Pond View but flattened out after …

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The Outrageous Route

Perfect running weather this AM as we ran 6.35 miles uphill. Lumbergh said it was outrageous. Strava’s elevation gain calculator tells YHC it wasn’t that bad.  Uneven sidewalk claimed another victim this AM. Impressive roll out of it, Nameless Pax.  Jam and Eggo ran their weekly Hump Day Half…now, that’s outrageous.  Below is the damage: …

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Cheech 10K Eve

Many, to include the pax who posted, are tapering for Cheech 10K PRs so it wasn’t the fastest Stride ever. We encountered Lexington PD along the way as they were blocking roads to find armed suspects. Jam & DOT narrowly escaped apprehension.  Conditions: mid-60s, slight mist The Thang: Disclaimer, Count off, BOM N.O.B. Route Take …

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