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Rock the Dragon

AO: stride
Q: BunkBed
PAX: BunkBed, Kukoc, Paper Jam, Pickle, MacGruber, Chester, Carolina Squat, Tommy Boy
FNGs: None
YHC got in some pre-miles for a solid Monday 10ner and further addition to the StreetFerret game which Cardi B is winning….by a lot. Today’s route was an ode to Akira Toriyama (writer of Dragon Ball) where we ran part of The Dragon and Journeyed West to Old Chapin.
– YHC ran with Kukoc doing some half marathon training, Jam did the route at his own pace
– Tommy Boy came out hot then did his own thang per the usual
– Chester and Carolina Squat did their own 4+ mi route
– MacG and BDP ran their own route past Cherokee Trail to avoid most of Old Cherokee
Notes from today is that the section of Old Cherokee we ran was not too bad if you want to go single file and that the Maxie -> Reid connection allows you to bypass most of Old Chapin.
04-27-2024 stride 10 year
Prayers for marriages and all the other PAX and children effected by illness.

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