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Suicides, burpees and merkins

AO: battle
Q: Big Worm
PAX: Billy Bob, Spot
FNGs: None
WARMUP: active stretching and some running
THE THANG: 2 ladders- each ladder starts at the back of the end zone and goes to the back of the opposite end zone
1st ladder: 4 burpees, 10 iron crosses, the run to the back of the opposite end zone and back to goal line; rinse and repeat, each time moving up 10 yards. Reps stay the same
2nd ladder: sane run scheme, except for 5 HR merkins and 10 Freddie mercuries
Then 10 heel raises at back of end zone, run 20 yards, 10 heel raises. Do this all the way across the field
Mosey to battle loop, each pax does about 20 pull ups
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Sweep the acres is cancelled
COT:prayers for Ronda and Robber as they face or recover from surgery

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