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Funny Looking Bird

AO: stride
Q: BunkBed
PAX: BunkBed, Tommy Boy, Chester, Paper Jam, Eggo, Cardi B
FNGs: None
YHC took the opportunity to grab some more miles for his Street Ferret before hand.
#Kotters to Tommy Boy! Making his return to the gloom. Chester on the hot streak with 3 posts in the past week’s worth of time. Eggo back after some bunion trouble. Waaaayyyyyy too many turns. Start off as a group till about half way down Corley Street where the group diverged. Tommy Boy stopped then started again to catch up to YHC and Paper Jam then ran the Coventry Loop in reverse walking back to COT. Chester pealed off at some point. All PAX made it to COT safe and sound! YHC is almost ahead of BooBoo in the Street Ferret games!
03-09-2024 F3 Lex 10 Year 0630
03-16-2024 lrah.org/
04-20-2024 stride 10 Year
05-18-2024 Frontlines Forward 5k
Prayers for Sarah Harmon, praise for Lindsay being off blood pressure medication
Brief discussion of the f3nation.com/q/jester/

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