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The Battle for Repentance

AO: battle
Q: Bayou
PAX: Misfire, Bayou, CESS, Broke Down, Billy Bob, Spot, Ruby, Runt, Running Rebel, Fergie, The Beast, Big Worm, Two Doses, Coin Flip, Flapper
FNGs: None
4 Corners Sandlot Style (SSH, IW’s, TTT, LBAC + 34 Burpees)

Runt – 1st and 10 (Sprints & SSH’s)

Ruby – Crawls, Core, Lunges, and Merkins

Bayou – Sandlot 55


– Book Study
– DEKA Events
3/23/24 – Strong & Mile; Lexington, SC
6/22/24 – FIT; Concord, NC
– Castle Therapy Next Sat, WH
– Rafting Trip Forecast
– Carolina Baseball (Ruby)
– March 30th – Return of NE Convergence


Matthew 3:1-2
In those days John the Baptist came, preaching, “repent for the kingdom of heaven is near.”

Thoughts on Today’s Verse…
John’s words sound strange in a world afraid to tell the truth about sin, wickedness, and evil. Yet all lost people — people who do not know Jesus and those who claim to follow him but don’t obey him — we all desperately need to repent. That means changing our hearts and lives, seeking after God, and turning our behaviors around to live for Jesus as LORD. We choose to follow and obey him, not our wants. Yes, salvation is given to us by God’s incredible grace. On the other hand, grace that leaves us unchanged is not true grace. Grace not only forgives us through Jesus’ sacrificial death on the Cross and our faith in him but also liberates us from the empty and destructive life without God, his guidance, and our purpose.

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