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HDH and Park Street OnB

AO: stride
Q: BunkBed
PAX: BunkBed, Cartwheel, cjchilders02, Paper Jam, DOT, Mayhem, Brita, Carolina Squat, Chester, Tommy Boy, Pickle, MacGruber, Eggo, Kukoc
FNGs: None
First part of HDH for the HDH squad, YHC ran from stride, Satchel and Jam from Ming Ming’s with Kukoc following behind. Good conversation comparing V2V and D2D. Of course D2D is better! Jam recounts his experiences of running during V2V with ‘the virus or something like that’ with an amusing story of hoola hoop jumping. The fuzz was out and helping a citizen whose car had stalled out right in front of stride
– PAX slowly get going with goon squad splitting off after George and doing their own thing.
– MacG said he was doing a 9:20 pace as a suggestion from his watch. We all know that was sus.
– A group of Satchel, Pickle and MacG
– B group of Kukoc, YHC and Jam discussed not knowing the territory we were in as we descended into the depths of Park Rd.
– C group Tommy Boy, Chester and Carolina Squat were getting that 1% better and making their way up Park like champs!
– YHC tried to catch the A group on the back end, but didn’t know where they made the turns.
4-24-24 0500 Drew Barr Memorial Run at stampede
4-27-24 stride 10 year
Prayers for all PAX and families effected by sickness and for our country.

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