Nothing but #RESPECT

Weather forecast looked bleak but, alas, it didn’t rain except for a couple of light drizzles. 8 pax posted despite the forecast and hopefully got their money’s worth. Boneyard welcomed Papagiorgio, a Jumanji faithful that needed an earlier option this AM. CoPay even behaved himself. YHC always leaves Boneyard impressed as these men always get …

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Hauling What?

YHC hasn’t been to Boneyard in close to, if not over, a year. The only thing stronger than the mumble chatter with this group of PAX are the bonds between these men. This is how the 2nd F is done. Also, the energy level for a bunch of “respect” PAX is unbelievable. If you haven’t …

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Disclaimer BOM Each PAX grabbed a block and proceeded to the court yard. Warm Up TTT IC 10 Little Baby Arm Circles IC 10 Overhead claps IC 15 Line up alone side the breezeway Blocks were carried over head form column to column Second column Curls for the girls 10 Fourth column Same as above …

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