The Hollow

Burpee Beep Test

Scotch sent out an invite to try and get new faces to lead the men of The Hollow.  YHC gladly accepted and tried to put something together that was awful. WEATHER: 39 Degrees and a slight mist. THE THANG: 1 burpee in 1 minute, 2 burpees in 1 minute, 3 burpees in 1 minute….continue this …

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[Tennis] Balls of Fury

Back in action at The Hollow. YHC thinks this is quickly becoming his favorite place to Q. The fellowship and mumblechatter are always on point, and the PAX (for the most part) follow complex instruction pretty well. Strong work today, and good, clean’ish competition men! #TClaps to Cooter for helping YHC out with cleaning up …

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It had been too long since YHC had visited The Hollow.  So, when the call came from AOQ Scotch, YHC jumped at the opportunity.  Now, legend has it that these Hollow boys have been putting up great attendance numbers and are absolute beasts.  So, figured it was super important YHC bring something a little different …