The Hollow


YHC loves the Hollow because there are bricks and blocks. While all AOs have blocks, not all AOs have bricks, but YHC loves them. It is a really nice transition point as the workout goes along to be able to shift the weight down. Anyway, YHC loves the Hollow, and the Pax always bring their …

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Friendly Fire

Dearest Martha, You have been extremely forthright in demanding my honesty and have all but threatened physical harm if I dare to hold anything back, so, while it kills me to add one bit of worry to your sweet little heart, I will honor your request and tell you about my day—the day that was …

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Omaha, Omaha….

Several years ago, Peyton Manning made the phrase, “Omaha, Omaha” famous. For those that follow football, you know it was something you heard when he was calling an audible at the line of scrimmage (or maybe he wasn’t). Thus was the case this morning. As the 6:00 hour rolled around, the Q wasn’t there, so …

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