• When: 2023-11-28
  • QIC: Kenwood
  • The PAX: Sauce, Fezzik, Dangle (R), Tea Cup, Chip, Bare Market, Tickles, Kenwood (R)

The Hollow takes on 7-11s and hopes for good tunes

YHC recycled my 7-11 weinke today.  This is a good one for July 11th or November 7th – both of which I missed this year.  So I decided to break it out again anyway.

Weather was nice and chilly.  8 PAX total covering about 1-1/4 mile.  We struggled with the tunes, relying on my small portable radio.  The radio itself was fine.  It is just hard to find good music (and minimal commercials) and 5 o’clock in the morning.  But portability ruled this morning as we kept on the move.

1 minute warning, no FNGs, disclaimer, prayer, warmup with 7 Burpees and 11 Squats then…

7-11s is just what it sounds like.  7 rounds of 11s randomly picked by the PAX (from a pool of 14 body weight exercises).  Mosey, do the first round, mosey, second round, mosey, until you get to the end.  The pool of exercises was…

1 HRR Merkins
2 Boat Canoe
3 Spider Merkins
4 Raise the Roof while Squatted
5 Feet out, in, up, down
6 Flutterkicks
7 Monkey Humpers
8 LBCs
9 Calf Raises
10 Invisible Jump Ropes
11 Donkey Kicks
12 Bouncey Squats
13 Bobby Hurleys
14 Planked, L arm up, R arm up

The last couple rounds were cut short due to time.

We finished up at the shovelflag and wrapped things up.


  • Need to fill the Q sheet
  • Saturday is at The Hollow and rain is on the forecast
  • Need to drum up some sort of Christmas party


  • Kenwood – dad
  • Kenwood – BIL going through chemo
  • Bare Market – daughter eye surgery
  • Bare Market – Hash and Rice’s SIL


  • Good to see Tickles back out!







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