• When: 2024-03-07
  • QIC: Kenwood
  • The PAX: Ponch, Slumlord (R), Prime, Fezzik, Dangle (R), Kenwood (R).

A round of cards at The Hollow

With all the rain lately, YHC opted to stay mobile and out the grass.  So a round of cards was in store.  We had 2 runners and 4 bootcampers.  It went something like this…

1 minute warning, no FNGs, disclaimer, prayer

Mosey towards the back of the school for some warmup exercises…

  • 10x SSHs IC
  • 10x Michael Phelps IC
  • 10x Air Squats IC

Continue around campus, stopping 6 times along the way with a 7th stop at the shovel flag to complete a round of cards.

52 card pickup – need a deck of playing cards and 13 index cards with 2 exercises each – a PAX grabs 4 playing cards and places these cards beside an index card – the number on the playing card is the number of reps for the exercises on the index card – Ace = 1 and King = 13 – do the reps and rotate through each PAX.  (We doubled up on the cards this morning to reduce the number of stops.)  Then run to the next stop, rinse and repeat. The index cards were…

Index Card 1 Air Squats BBSUs
Index Card 2 American Hammers Calf Raises
Index Card 3 Diamond Merkins SSHs
Index Card 4 Planked Shoulder Taps High Knees
Index Card 5 Carolina Dry Docks Invisible Jump Ropes
Index Card 6 Star Jumps Golden Arches
Index Card 7 Feet OIUDs Backward Lunges
Index Card 8 Alt Curb Merkins Imperial Walkers
Index Card 9 Donkey Kicks WWII Sit Ups
Index Card 10 Burpees Curb Toe Taps
Index Card 11 Bouncey Squats Dips
Index Card 12 Morning Woods LBCs
Index Card 13 Merkins Forward Lunges

We modified a little at the end to get through the exercises and cards.


  • Saturday, 3/9/24 – 10 year Lexington F3 Convergence


  • Fezzik – death in family, aunt

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