• When: 2017-12-30
  • QIC: Bellhop; Pothole (AQIC); Spano (AQIC); Uncle Rico (AQCI); Smithers (AQIC); Metermaid (AQIC); Bumblebee (AQIC)
  • The PAX: Pax of F3 South Carolina

Preblast: The Cottonmouth: Little Mountain Edition, December 30, 2017

F3LakeMurray presents The 2017 Cottonmouth, the original ruck #CSAUP of F3Midlands.  This edition takes us to the backroads of Newberry and Lexington Counties for a little fun and fellowship, as well as Good Livin’.  Whether you are a veteran of many rucks or if this will be your first, The Cottonmouth promises to be a good time for all pax.

Regarding this CSAUP, it is not a GORUCK event.  There are plenty of opportunities to participate in GORUCK events around us.  While there will be a Welcome Party and some PT along the way, the focus will be more on fun and fellowship rather than suck.  In other words, there won’t be any slosh pipes or Krackens at this event.  Your back and shoulders should stay in tact for your New Year’s events.  If anything, we’d like this event to serve as an introduction to those F3 pax who are interested in rucking but are not quite ready to join the Green Berets (or be yelled at by one).  With that said, there still will be some challenges to make it worth your while for all those salty veterans out there …. There will be a team sport aspect to it, so remember, it pays to be a winner.

When:  Saturday, December 30.

Where: Startex is Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Little Mountain.  Start time is 0600.  Endex is Chapin High School.  Approximate end time will be 1100.

What To Bring:  This is a ruck, so bring your ruck.  Weight, though encouraged, is optional.  Suggested weight is Tough weight (30lbs).  Bring hydration and whatever food/snacks you want to carry for nourishment.  The planned distance is 9.0 miles; accordingly, you need not plan for or pack for an expedition to the South Pole.  The lighter your kit (minus weight and water), the better for you it likely will be.  There will be no water evolution at this event, so leave all those extra clothes at the house.

Regarding your ruck, it is mandatory that you have a PT belt or something else reflective to attach to it.  As well, you will need a headlamp (and extra batteries).  Safety is paramount.

How Do I Sign Up:  HC to Bellhop (Christian Stegmaier) at @cstegmaier or @F3LMRucking.  Our desire is to have at least 50 pax for this event.  So, HC now and tell your fellow pax.

Patch:  There will be a patch for this event.  To receive one, you must complete the event and PayPal $5 to [email protected]  Any residual monies will be donated to Oliver Gospel Mission.

At the endex, pax are welcome to proceed to Farm Boys in Chapin for some barbecue and more fellowship.

Questions? Please let us know at [email protected] or 803-467-9699 (text or call).

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