• When: 2017-12-21
  • QIC: The Nature Boy
  • The PAX: Strut, Rocking Chair (R), Eve, Netflix, Utah (R and welcome back from the DL), Baconator, Hemingway, Catheter

A Very Merry Cryptmas Workout

This was YHC’s first opportunity to Q with the mighty men of Crypt and the pleasure was all mine. We got in a little Yuletide work this morning with all 3 Fs being very merry and bright on a mild December morning with temps in the low 50s.

The Thang:



Mosey with some high-knees, butt-kickers, and Frankenstiens thrown in for good measure.

LBACs and TTTs

Dasher- Blitzen Runs

At any time other than a few days before Christmas, these little numbers are usually called “last man up runs”. Additionally, since everyone hates when their turn to run to the front comes on a hill, we used one of RBHS’s many steep ascents to give every man the opportunity to run his last man up portion on a hill. You know what they say about misery and company.

Christmas Cards

Everybody loves getting a Christmas card and we exchanged nearly 52 of them this morning with each representing it’s own holiday sentiment:

Red Aces- :30 second high plank

Black Aces- :30 second low plank

Kings- 10 regular merkins

Queens- 10 close hand merkins

Jacks 10 wide arm merkins

Number cards= # of reps with designated exercise for each suit

Hearts= LBCs

Diamonds- Iron Crosses

Spades- Squats

Clubs- 2 count Mountain Climbers

And if this was not enough frivolity, we split into teams for some Christmas trivia. If a team answered a question correctly, they had the pleasure of watching the other team double-down on their reps until the next question.

I very much appreciate the opportunity to Q at Crypt. Great guys, great work ethic, and great 2nd F!



Lots of good mumble chatter out there. Can you guess which paxs can be credited with these quotes:

“John Grisham, really?? It was John Grisham, that was the answer?? John Grisham!?”

“Was that last card you drew a 6 of hearts or a 12 of hearts?”

Announcements (borrowing some links from KD)

-12/24 – Nativity Ruck at Wander (5am-7am)


-12/26 Crypt/ Graveyard Convergence (5:30)

-12/30 Cottonmouth. Preblast: https://www.f3midlands.com/lake-murray-sc/preblast-the-cottonmouth-little-mountain-edition-december-30-2017

-1/1 New Year’s Day Convergence. Preblast: https://www.f3midlands.com/lexington-sc/preblast-new-years-day-convergence

-1/27 GrowRuck Weekend. Details: http://f3nation.com/2017/10/25/growruck-08-sc-midlands-preblast/