• When: 2017-12-19
  • QIC: Fannie
  • The PAX: welcome week, stache, biggie, tin tin, huffy, paperboy, oscar, soy, backdraft, ginny, side out, insanity, noonan, boris, big time, traitor, beads, love bug, da hoppa

12 or 13 Days of Christmas

Thanks to the 20 strong for posting to the fourth (or is it 5th) annual Thunder 12 Days of Christmas workout.  As usually we ran through the 12 days workout, but this year mixed in some planks and flutters along the way and had time for a bonus 13th day.

Conditions: Typical Columbia Christmas weather, about 60 degrees and a but muggy.

The Thang:

1st day- a lap around the parking lot

2nd day- 2 dozen Merkins

3rd day- 3 four count imperial walkers

4th day- 4 Jungle Boi Squats


6th day- 6 inches for 30 seconds

7th day- 7 four count Russian Twists

8th day- 8 jump squats

9th day- 9 LBCs

10th day- 10 stationary lunges (each leg, 20 total)

11th day- 11 Mountain Climbers (each leg, 22 total)

12th day- 12 dive bombers

13th day- 13 Monkey humpers

The workout follows the same patter as the song.  First day, just a lap.  Second day, 2 dozen merkins and a lap.  Third day 3 imperial walkers, 2 dozen merkins, and a lap.  So, the counts start to build, especially the merkin/burpee exercises.  All told there were 357 merkins, 140 squats type exercises, 370 ab exercises, etc.


  • Huffy has the Q the day after Christmas, he was voluntrapped.  But its his own fault.  AOQ Welcome Week asked during the BOM who was in town the day after Christmas.  19 of the 20 saw through the thinly disguised bit of treachery.  Huffy, raised his hand.  He’s in town.  Now he’s Q’ing.
  • Great work by the Pax.  Next year will have to make Da Hoppa, Welcome Week, Stache, and a couple of others start with a day 0 just to get them winded.
  • Merry Christmas to the Thunder Pax.  YHC is thankful to have been a part of this group for so long.