• When: 2017-12-21
  • QIC: Enterprise
  • The PAX: Tom Tom (Respect), Jorts, Maytag, Serena, Heist, Biggie Smalls, Big Worm, Enterprise, Cornstache, Corn Dog

Legion ruck/ burpee off

YHC got there early to find dirty, wet mud holes. Plenty. And crabdaddy gives weather report and doesn’t show. What gives?


The Thang:

Disclaimer. And pax needed to know this was an EH/Grow Ruck simulation.


YHC was sick. But we mosy to first intersection. Mumble chatter says we get run over by @Jarjar. No, nothing.


15 ssh IC

3 burpees OYO

10 merkins IC

3 burpees OYO


3 burpees OYO

Bear Crawl to car. 4× supermans


Get logs.

Get to intersection.

10 merkins IC

3 burpees OYO


Carry logs to playground. Bear Crawl to swing. 10 merkins IC. 3 burpees OYO. 10 LBCs IC. Lunge walk back to road…and logs.


Carry logs to crabdaddies house. Get blocks.

Around the world merkins. Cusaq to mailbox.

5 burpees with blocks. Carry blocks back to crabdaddies house.


Q spills merlot.


Serena takes over for some core exercises. Q calls burpees. Get logs. Ruck back to spot to leave logs.


Q runs around block again. Burpees involved. Back to COP for 2 minutes of peoples chair. Then….


C-O-R 10



Mission workout at 830 at finlay park. Back to mission for an extended coffeteria and 2nd F opp. Bring desserts if able. If not, bring yourself. These guys, us, would love to host you guys and fellowship.