Christian Neely

Ali(with an I) Q @F3TheMission

BB 11/10/18 F3TheMission 8:30am Weather Conditions: Brisk 45 degrees and soggy ground!!! Stuff and Thangs (Hiit/Tablata) workout Round up/Disclaimer/Prayer Stuff: Warm Up: 20 Side Straddle Hop 20 sec toe touch stretch 20 sec straddle/split stretch 10 lbc 10 sec 6” hold 20 merkins Mosey to Retaining Walls: Thangs: Ladder Work Climb wall 5 merkins, climb …

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Zuckerberg Q @F3TheMission 4/28/2016

It was another beautiful morning at Finlay Park. And a first in a few weekends, we had the park to ourselves. Zuckerberg showed us what “Qing on the fly” meant.   SSH×15 IC Burpees×3 OYO Through the tunnel×15 IC Burpees×3 OYO Crabcakes×15 IC Burpees×3 OYO LBCs×15 IC Burpees×3 OYO Bend-n-Reach×15 IC Burpees×3 OYO Flutter kicks×15 …

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